Vacancy issued to replace Mario Mallia receives huge backlash

Vacancy issued to replace Mario Mallia receives huge backlash
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A vacancy issued by St Albert the Great College to replace previous head of school Mario Mallia received massive amounts of backlash. 

The post was reshaped by rector at the college Aaron Zahra and comes after Mallia was let go of his position in an ongoing case which raised massive controversy. 

When the case first made public headlines, it was understood that Mallia was fired because of his inclusive programmes which sought to bring students of different faiths and gender, amongst others, together. 

However, Zahra, also a Dominican friar, later claimed that Mallia was fired because he refused to cooperate with his superiors and bee accountable to them. 

As the case continues, with the Malta Union of Teachers filing the case to court and Archbishop Charles Scicluna mediating between Mallia and the college’s staff, the school released a vacancy searching for a replacement of Mallia. 

The post was met with immense backlash. Many asked why the rector was not awaiting the decision of the tribunal before replacing Mallia. Others were harsher in their criticism, rhetorically asking the rector as to why he and his team are being so insensitive in regards to the issue. 

What do you make of this?  


Singer Jesmond Tedesco Triccas passes away aged 59

Singer Jesmond Tedesco Triccas passes away aged 59
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The unfortunate passing of musician and singer Jesmond Tedesco Triccas at the age of 59 was announced this morning, 10th August 2022. 

Known as it-Triccas, he was an iconic face in local theatrical circles, as well as his satirical take on popular Eagles song ‘Hotel California.’ 

Triccas fried part of the Freeway group in the 1980s, which broadcast their music on TV programme ‘Mill-Garaxx’. The news was published by his niece and EP President Roberta Metsola on Facebook. 

‘My superstar uncle Jesmond Tedesco Triccas or It-Triccas as everyone in Malta knew him, passed away last night’ she wrote. 

‘He spent his life with a guitar in hand making people smile, asking us to think, often acting as society’s mirror through his music and art. Always there with a word of advice, warning or criticism, I knew I could always rely on him to tell me the unvarnished truth, in a way only artists can. All my thoughts are with his wife Ben, who he adored. We loved him. We will miss him.’ 

Condolences to all his family and loved ones from the MaltaDaily team. 


Spanish resident driving e-scooter hit by car in St.Paul’s Bay

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Yesterday, at around 1900hrs, police were informed of a traffic accident which took place in Triq Dawret San Pawl, St.Paul’s Bay.

After going to the scene of the accident, the police learned that a 25-year old Spanish resident driving on his e-kick scooter was hit whislt crossing the road by a 35-year old man from Ħaż-Żabbar driving a Hyundai Getz.

A medical team and ambulance were called immediately and took the 25-year old man to hospital. It was later found that the Spanish man was grievously injured.

Investigations on the case are still ongoing.


WATCH: Maltese rapper incorporates local memes into rap songs

Maltese rapper incorporates local memes into rap songs
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Local rapper Eddie Fresco has found a new niche – blending his skills in music with some local Maltese memes. 

Fresco has been making waves both locally and abroad as one of the island’s most prominent rappers. And now he’s spicing it all up by including some classic memes. 


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This time around he’s building up hype for what seems to be a Black Eyed Peas sample featuring soundbites from the iconic Malta Mechanic meme.

The iconic video, for those unfamiliar with the island’s roster of memes, is a short skit of a mechanic who gets constantly bombarded by calls by a client to fix his bike. After one too many calls, the mechanic simply smashes the vehicle to pieces… and now it’s gone beyond just public popularity as this local artist is celebrating its place in the local pantheon of memes. 

This isn’t the first time Fresco’s done this, as he’s already incorporated the viral ‘Don’t Touch Me’ video to create a smashing remix. 

But that’s not all Fresco gets up too, and you can check out all his songs and albums, dealing with a variety of topics and showing off pure talent, on all music platforms. 


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