Use Maltese More Often, Permanent Secretary Urges

Use Maltese More Often, Permanent Secretary Urges
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In an official statement, Tony Sultana, the Permanent Secretary, underscores the importance of prioritising the Maltese language within public administration.

He mentions issuing instructions to the Heads of Public Administration to ensure that Maltese is used as extensively as possible. Sultana emphasizes that Maltese has always been and continues to be a priority for public administration, reflecting its significance in the national context.

Furthermore, Sultana stresses the collective responsibility to preserve and strengthen the Maltese language, referring to it as belonging to the entire populace. He calls for collaborative efforts from all individuals to keep the language alive and robust.

Overall, Sultana’s message highlights the essential role of the Maltese language in the functioning of public administration and underscores the importance of promoting its usage and vitality within society.

Prime Minister Robert Abela stated on Tuesday that KM Malta Airlines must ensure its cabin crew can speak Maltese, particularly when he flies with the national carrier.

Abela’s comments came in response to criticism over the airline’s decision to drop Maltese proficiency as a requirement for cabin crew hires, a move aimed at broadening the pool of prospective recruits.

The Nationalist Party condemned this decision, labeling it “shameful” for a national carrier not to prioritize the country’s primary language. In response, Abela emphasized the importance of treating the Maltese language with respect and safeguarding it in state agencies.

A spokesperson for KM Malta Airlines assured that at least one cabin crew member on each flight would speak Maltese, with a commitment to adopting Maltese as the airline’s first language.

Abela also expressed the need for government buildings and projects to use Maltese in signage, stressing the importance of preserving the language’s unique identity. While no specific examples were mentioned, the emphasis was placed on valuing and safeguarding the Maltese language.


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5 Reasons Why We’re Looking Forward to FORTUNES Festival

5 Reasons Why We're Looking Forward to FORTUNES Festival
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The HYPE is REAL for April 20th, when the FORTUNES Festival kicks off, marking the beginning of spring and summer’s festivities. It’s the perfect time to dance the day into night, embracing the warm festival atmosphere.


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Set within the historical walls of Fort St. Elmo in Valletta, the festival promises an experience unlike any other. The venue’s legendary stature adds a unique charm, offering an unforgettable backdrop for an electrifying night of music and camaraderie.

This year’s FORTUNES Festival boasts a MASSIVE line-up that’s bound to get the crowd moving. With the chart-topping DJ & vocalist Jazzy, the viral TikTok DJ Duo ALTÉGO, and a stellar line-up of G7 and district DJs, the festival is set to deliver an unmatched experience.

Among the many highlights, the Valletta sunset stands out. There’s something magical about enjoying your favourite tunes, with a drink in hand, as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the fortress.

For those eager to be part of this spectacular event, good news – tickets are AVAILABLE NOW. Secure your spot at fortunes.mt to not miss out on celebrating the festival season in one of Malta’s most iconic locations, complemented by a top-notch DJ line-up.


Calling All Sculptors! Win €1,000 With Boomerang Festival & MaltaDaily

Calling All Sculptors! Win €1,000 With Boomerang Festival & MaltaDaily
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Boomerang Festival is thrilled to announce a unique contest celebrating creativity and sustainability. Through our sculpture competition, we aim to recognize the talent of individuals who can turn ordinary ‘repurposed material’ into extraordinary works of art using recycled materials.

The installation competition will take place in a designated area at the festival known as the Sculpture Garden. Festival attendees will have three days to admire the sculptures and cast their votes for their favourite piece. The winner will receive a cash prize of €1,000.

Installation Competition Rules

· Theme: Sculptures must align with Boomerang’s philosophy and be a vehicle to reconnect with nature, reflecting any of these themes: Life, Nature, or Animals.

· Materials: Entrants must utilize reused or reclaimed materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or tyres that have reached the end of their useful life.

· Size: Approximate size of 2.4m x 1m x 1.5m.

· Safety: Sculptures must be free of sharp corners or hazardous elements to ensure a family-friendly environment.

· Opportunities: Artists can participate in up to three sculptures.

Who chooses the winner?

Festival attendees will vote for their favourite artwork using a QR code linked to our voting platform. Visitors can interact with and vote for their preferred installation in the Sculpture Garden at the festival. Each person may register only one vote during the event.

Who can participate?

We welcome artists of all levels, from amateurs to professionals, who are inspired by the festival’s atmosphere and wish to express themselves through recycled installations.

To express your interest in participating or for more information. Contact us at:

Phone: +356 7799 4488
Email: [email protected]

Images used in cover photo are inspiration. They do not necessarily correspond to the ones that will be displayed. The sculpture in the image (left) was created by Thomas Dambo and the other is thanks to Angela Haseltine Pozzi via Washed Ashore.


Tribute For Air Malta After 50 years Of Service

Tribute For Air Malta After 50 years Of Service
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A touching video on social media in tribute of 50 years of Air Malta shows the last flight taking off from  LIRF / Rome Fiumicino to LMML / Malta International Airport for the very last time as Flight KM615.

The flight was under the command of Captain Frank Scerri, First Officer Byron Fenech, together with the Cabin Crew – Inflight Manager Carmen Cuschieri, Josephine Gatt, Victoria Seguna, Claire Schembri, Jo Anna Vassallo and Anna Lombardi Cassar.

The historic moment has been shared by many online as the end of an era dawns on the national airline as KM Malta Airlines takes over.

The staff thanked the travellers for their constant support and for flying with the airline throughout the years.


Source: 50 Years of Airmalta – Tribute FB