Ursula Von Der Leyen Takes Morning Stroll In Dingli

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Having landed in Malta for the MED9 summit, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen took a morning stroll near the country’s Dingli cliffs.

Describing the cliffside and nature as beautiful, Leyen took some time to admire the landscape before going on with her day.


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She went on to join Prime Minister Robert Abela for a visit to Nadur, Gozo’s primary school along with Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri.

The summit will see many leaders from the Europe, including Emmanuel Macron and Giorgia Meloni, convening in Valletta for various discussions relating to topics like migration, human trafficking, climate change and much more. 


It’s Bolt Market’s 4th Month Anniversary In Malta

It’s Bolt Market’s 4th Month Anniversary In Malta
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Bolt Market’s quick and convenient delivery of essential grocery products launched 4 months ago in Malta. Since then, the assortment has systematically expanded, sales have increased, and promotions have become even more attractive. So far, thousands of customers across Malta have tested this new neighbourhood store model.

Bolt Market is a service designed to help customers get essential groceries delivered fast and conveniently through the Bolt Food app. To make an order, customers simply download the Bolt Food app from Google Play or App Store and add a payment card. Those who already use the Bolt Food app can skip this step and just tap on a Bolt Market store.

“It’s been a while since we launched in Malta. We’ve now successfully implemented subsequent points of our strategy, which have helped us make Bolt Market a place for everyday shopping. We continue to add hundreds of new products to our assortment to close all the potential gaps in selection. We offer essentials and traditional products, but we also want to inspire the culinary experiences of our customers with new trends and products. It’s really worth checking out the app from time to time”, says Edik Davitan, Country Manager of Bolt Market Malta.

Food essentials have been the most popular products over the last month. Top of the list is bananas, followed by bottled mineral water, and third on the podium is eggs. Other popular groceries include milk, tomatoes, and white loaves, which together seem like a balanced breakfast of champions. A reasonable number of orders are made in the morning up until noon, confirming that Bolt Market is your local neighbourhood store to get the most important meal of the day — breakfast.

In the evenings, customers get more stock-up essentials to fill their fridges and cupboards for the week. These include pasta, canned veggies, household items, dinner ingredients, and laundry products. The majority of deliveries take place between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

– “Today, Bolt Market responds not just to basic but also unusual customer needs. We cooperate with carefully selected local suppliers. And thanks to these partnerships, Bolt Market can inspire customers to discover oriental or vegetarian cuisines, for example, or find a gift for special occasions. Staying one step ahead of customers and providing inspiration is the best way to get the local community to enjoy their shopping experience and keep coming back”, adds Edik Davitan, Country Manager of Bolt Market Malta.

Bolt Market stores are open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (depending on the location), so customers can count on Bolt to get their essentials whenever needed. Customers can expect plenty of seasonal promotions and thematic categories such as Made in Malta — special chocolate category, Back to School items with discounts of up to 25%, and 25% off sunscreen products so customers can continue enjoying the sunshine. Customers always get €1.50 off their delivery.


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Ursula Von Der Leyen Visits Nadur School Ahead Of MED9 Summit

Ursula Von Der Leyen Visits Nadur School Ahead Of MED9 Summit
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World leaders from nine EU countries and southern states are making their way to Malta for the MED9 summit.

Among the topics to be discussed are immigration as well as climate change, with Prime Minister Robert Abela greeting leaders as they arrive on the islands. 

Among them are European Commission president Ursula von Der Leyen and the president of the European Council, Charles Michel. 

Ahead of the summit, von der Leyen visited the Nadur Primary School, meeting Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri in the process.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni are also among the leaders coming to the island, both of whom were already in talks about the migration topic. 

Organised crime, human trafficking and other topics are also on the agenda, with road closures having been announced for areas in Valletta ahead of the summit by police. 


‘Traffic Is Turtle’: Local Comedian Talks Traffic With Viral Meme

'Traffic Is Turtle': Local Comedian Talks Traffic With Viral Meme
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Local comedian Kevin Naudi channeled his inner Maria from the viral TikTok meme ‘Tiger is Tiger’ to address the traffic situation in Malta.

Maria’s video went viral after she likened her patience to a tiger’s, which ignores the doings of rabbits and turtles. ‘The tiger, she stay relax’, and other iconic phrases took the island absolutely by storm.

Picking up on this, Naudi filmed a video in his car, discussing traffic in a similar fashion. 

‘Maybe…through humor, a strong message can be shared in a positive manner, rather than negatively. We have enough of that around the world’, wrote Naudi. 


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