Up to 25,000 driving license issued to local foreigners in 5 years

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Up to 25,000 driving license issued to local foreigners in 5 years

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia revealed in response to a parliamentary question that around 25,000 driving licenses were issued to foreigners in Malta in the past 5 years.

Responding to the Nationalist Party’s Charles Azzopardi, Farrugia revealed that the exact figure was 24,891, with 8,152 of these licenses issued to motorists who already had a license in another EU or recognised country.

Meanwhile 16,739 licenses were issued after a driving test. Despite this, the figures might not exactly tally due to the status of license holders.

The Minister said that this could be impacted by change of nationality, replacement of ID cards, revocation of licenses or due to persons no longer driving. 


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PBS reveal AIDAN was disqualified from Eurovision was due to ‘unauthorised posts’

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PBS reveal AIDAN was disqualified from Eurovision was due to 'unauthorised posts'

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has revealed that the reason why Maltese singer AIDAN was disqualified from the Malta Eurovision Song contest was due to the breaching of articles 5.3 and 5.6 of the festival’s rules.

Regulation article 5.6 takes marketing material and promotion into consideration and regards them as strictly prohibited. It reads as follows:

“The engagement of marketing personnel, marketing officials, marketing companies or the engagement into some sort of marketing or promotional campaign or activity by the artists to promote themselves, the song, their participation, or in some way to influence the public vote is strictly prohibited. The publication of any social media post, promotion material, interviews or media presence/exposure from the announcement of the quarter finalist’s onwards is also strictly prohibited. Any breach of this clause will lead to automatic disqualification.”

Meanwhile, Article 5.3 reads:

“By participating in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023, each applicant is accepting to be bound by these terms and conditions regulating this participation. All applicants undertake to follow all the contest’s regulations and PBS directives. Any breach of these regulations may result in immediate disqualification.”

Do you think that this disqualification was just?


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Aidan disqualified from Malta Eurovision Song Contest

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PBS reveal AIDAN was disqualified from Eurovision was due to 'unauthorised posts'

Popular singer Aidan Cassar, who entered this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest with song ‘Reġina’, has just been disqualified from the competition. 

It was unveiled by TVM News that the PBS was notified by the Malta Eurovision Song Contest Team that Aidan has been disqualified from continuing to participate in the competition after breaking competition rules. 

Aidan was a crowd favourite, with song ‘Ritmu’ ending up as runner-up for the previous edition of the competition. 

MaltaDaily has reached out to Aidan for further comment. 


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Kylie Jenner wears faux lion’s head to fashion show

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Kylie Jenner wears faux lion's head to fashion show

Kylie Jenner has been receiving massive criticism for wearing a faux ‘lion’s head’ to a fashion show this week. 

The youngest Kardashian wore a black dress accessories with a gigantic lion’s head as she attended the Schiaparelli SS23 runway show at the weekend. 

The 25-year-old took to Instagram, writing ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’, explaining how she loved wearing the faux creation constructed by using manmade materials. “Beautiful beautiful”. 

Despite the lion’s head being fake, not everyone was all too keen about the fashion choice. Many took to the comets saying that animals ‘are not a fashion statement.’ 

‘What is the point, it doesn’t look good and it promotes animal cruelty’ said one commenter. Another said: ‘Even though it’s not real it’s still disturbing and in bad taste.’ 

One other commenter said: ‘This is highly inappropriate, prop or not this should never have been designed.’ Some did attempt to defend the fashion choice, pointing to the fact that this was faux.

What do you make of this?

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