UK, US tourists & more to pay €7 charge when visiting EU as of 2023

Visiting EU countries will come at a charge as of 2023
Jun 29 2022 Share

The European Union has just announced the end of free travel to its member states for non-EU citizens.

The much-anticipated visa waiver scheme, ETIAS, will kick on May 2023 and is reportedly different to the visa scheme as it is completed online and does not require biometric information.

European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) allows freedom of movement to EU travellers and residents but prompts payment from those coming from 600 countries around the world such as the US and UK, amongst many others.

The system is reportedly largely automated and approval will be granted within minutes for 95% of applicants; maximum approval time could be up to one month for ‘very exceptional cases’ and will cost €7 for those aged between 18 and 70.


UK embraces e-cigarettes as anti-smoking tool as vape popularity grows in Malta

UK embraces e-cigarettes as anti-smoking tool as vape popularity grows in Malta
Jun 29 2022 Share

A report addressed to the UK government by Dr. Javed Khan OBE argued that vaping is one the best ways of helping smokers quit.

‘The Khan Review: Making Smoking Obselete’ was published on June 9, 2022, with the report featuring an analysis and number of recommendations aimed at making the UK completely smoke-free by 2030.

Vaping is listed as the third in a series of government recommendations aimed at helping smokers break their habit, arguing that while vaping is not a ‘silver bullet solution’, it is “at least 50% and probably closer to 95% less harmful than a cigarette.”

Other recommendations include increased government investment, revised smoking age laws and extending smoking prevention education from the NHS. The report proposes that the legal smoking age is increase by one year every year until a generation is born that cannot ever meet the legal smoking age.

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Typically-Maltese activities to do on a public holiday

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Tomorrow’s a public holiday and you better believe that every single worker in Malta is looking forward to make the very best out of their day off. That being said, here are 5 typically-Maltese things to do on a public holiday.

Go to the beach

With the increase in temperatures and ongoing heatwave making relaxed outings quite a difficult task, going to the beach is the most obvious remedies to such conditions. Malta has a long list of gorgeous beaches with clear blue waters and golden sands so finding the right beach shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Visit your grandparents

If you’re off tomorrow, you have literally no excuse to not spend a few hours with your family. Grandparents in particular are very limited on where they can go on a public holiday so whether you want to take them with you to the beach or just go to Nanna’s house and spend some time there, make sure you find the time.

Have a barbecue

One of the most iconic Maltese summer activities. Prepare some pink sausages, galletti, bigilla, burgers, brioche buns & beer and brace yourself for the most typically Maltese hangout of the summer. To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing quite like looking into the horizon and watch the sun set as you smell the summery aroma of burning charcoal and grilled meats.

Go to a party

Malta’s identity as a party island is growing every single year and organisers across the country seize the opportunity and make the best out of a public holiday by organising a few events here and there. Whether it’s chill cocktails with the squad or an all-out rave party, rest assured that you’ll find what you need on the rock.

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5 things you may not know about ITS

5 things you may not know about ITS
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Since it was established in 1987, The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) made a name for itself as Malta’s leading tourism and hospitality educational institution With a variety of detailed courses, highly-capable lecturers and plenty of promising career prospects, this higher educational institution is the place for you if you want to pursue a career in tourism. However, ITS is much more than meets the eye; here are five things you may not know about The Institute of Tourism Studies:

It’s more than a catering school

The assumption that the Institute of Tourism Studies is just a catering school could not be more wrong. While ITS does offer a number of courses relating to food, beverage and the culinary arts, you’ll be impressed to learn the myriad of possibilities available at this institution. From Diving Safety Management to Travel and Tourism, Climate Friendly Travel, Hospitality and Tourism and so much more.

You can apply with and without O Levels

Whatever your qualifications may be prior to enrolment, ITS definitely has something for everyone. A simple look at their prospectus will show you that regardless of your qualifications beforehand, the institution is ready to welcome students from all walks of life with open arms and lay down the necessary groundwork to ensure a fruitful career in the tourism industry. Courses range from Foundation Level up to Masters Degree and with the amount of variety on offer, you’ll definitely find something for you.

You can apply with A Levels

If you’ve achieved your A Levels and want to take your studies to the next step or explore new horizons in the world of work, look no further. ITS’ selection of courses will open up a world of new opportunities you can pursue after securing your A Levels. Whether you want to grow into a wine expert by taking on a Higher National Diploma in Sommellerie or become a hospitality specialist with the Bachelor in International Hospitality Management with Honours, the options are endless.

You can go on to pursue a Masters degree

ITS also offers a numbers of worthwhile courses for graduates wishing to take on the next level in tourism education. The two courses on offer, Master in Business Administration in International Hospitality Management and Master of Arts in Heritage Interpretation, have rendered very positive results and continued to contribute to the institution’s 98% employability rate. Potential job roles include senior positions in Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting and Sales, managerial positions, curator jobs and much more!

Graduates can easily change industries

The tourism industry is a land of vast opportunity and those who have yet to jump into one of Malta’s most promising sectors will be relieved to know that graduates may also change industries and work in other industries within the tourism sector. From media and management to catering and hospitality, the sky is the limit of what you can achieve and ITS are there to help you every step of the way.