UK MPs call to raise the age of cigarette selling to 21

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UK MPs call to raise the age of cigarette selling to 21

UK MPs have called a consultation which will see the raising of the age for the sale of cigarettes from 18 to 21. As an initiative to end the tobacco epidemic by 2030, the all-party parliamentary group on smoking and health has recommended raising the age to 21 to protect younger people from becoming smokers.

Backed up by health charities and medical organisations, the recommendations also include a ‘polluter pays’ amendment, forcing manufacturers to pay to deliver the end of smoking. A report notes that people are likely to have died last year and this year due to smoking than COVID-19 itself.

Smokers are also targeted to receive help in regions and communities where smoking does the most damage. These include those in routine and manual jobs, unemployed, living in social housing, or who have mental health condition, with pregnant women also on this list.

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5 steps to follow when buying your first home

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Purchasing your first home is quite a large step in one’s journey and often times, one would need a helping hand in not only finding the right home, but making the most out of their purchase. That it is why RE/MAX are bringing us some of the best investment tips to watch out for when making the big step.

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Posted by REMAX Malta on Monday, 31 May 2021

  • Look for the right home

Wise financial decision-making is always important, more so when investing in your first home. Decisions such as this determine the foundation for the rest of your life which is why you shouldn’t pick a house, but look for a home.

This is why RE/MAX’s comprehensive database of for-sale properties in Malta and Gozo is the best place to start to get your foot on the property ladder. Search through a wide list of properties ranging in size, style and budget with the mindset of finding the most suitable home and you’ll definitely come out satisfied.

  • Attention to detail

Avoid as much stress as possible and find agents which will walk you through property features, budgets, governmental incentives, upkeep, daily needs and location. RE/MAX agents are committed to giving you a detailed and insightful experience when looking for your home, making sure you don’t miss a beat.

Every single detail matters and whether its bank loans, notary fees, utility bills and other hidden expenses, it is imperative that first-time buyers get the full picture and feel completely at ease.

  • Make the most of incentives

Many first-time buyers are looking to make the investment of their life time. This not only speaks volumes about the demand for property in an ever-growing sector but the amount of homes in Malta’s market.

Get in touch with a RE/MAX agent and let them walk you through any incentives you can benefit on and make the most out of your first purchase.

Initiatives such as The First-Time Buyers’ Scheme give buyers the opportunity to not pay stamp duty on the first €175,000 of the property’s price.

Moreover, anything over €175,000 is applied a stamp duty of 1.5% (reduced from 5% as part of the government’s COVID-19 measures).

  • Keep a Journal

Get yourself a ring binder and organise all your papers and documents building up to the purchase and maintenance of your house. You’d be surprised how often you will need warranties and receipts from products and services you purchase months ago and you’ll thank your lucky stars that you had everything organised in one neat binder.

Keep your insurance papers, receipts and any other form of documentation to make sure you’re covered all the way through.

Investing in a property is not simply investing in a building, but in your future.

RE/MAX Malta, is the fastest growing real estate organisation in Malta and Gozo. The organisation has been built on a strong foundation of a highly experienced management team, franchisees, partners as well as professionally educated property sales and property letting Sales Associates.



2387 families receive strong rent benefit

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2387 families receive strong rent benefit

Minister for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes stated that there are 2,387 families who are receiving the strong rent benefit that came into force in 2019. Stating that this is one of the best initiatives which assisted thousands of families, this ‘revolution’ in social policy is one that is not only ‘aimed at helping the family cope, but also at helping it move forward.’ The Rent Benefit came into effect in preparation for the reform of residential rents, with the Housing Benefit replacing the old subsidy which would have, according to Galdes, given rise to abuse.

Instead of the aforementioned subsidy, the benefit reaches up to €5,000 a year or €417 a month, whilst providing different amounts to beneficiaries with different circumstances. Calculated according to the family’s income, an amount is issued to ensure the family does not pay more than 25% of available income on rent. Beneficiaries receive an average of €2,783 in annual benefits. In some cases, the Housing Authority covers up to 45% of the rent.


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EU travellers with vaccine passports to enter Malta freely starting 1st July

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EU travellers with vaccine passports to enter Malta freely starting 1st July

EU travellers will be able to enter Malta freely should they hold a vaccine certificate starting 1st July 2021, with Maltese citizens being able to use their own certificates to travel throughout the EU as well. Malta’s legal notice has stated that vaccine certificate will be available for 6 months, whereas the EU highlighted that the certificates will be in effect for 12 months.

National authorities will issue certificates free of charge, and will be available in either digital or paper format containing a QR code. Indicating whether a person is vaccinated, has had a negative PCR test or recovered from infection, the package will re-establish movement throughout the EU.

MEPS also secured agreements which disallow EU states from imposing additional travel restrictions on certificate holders – such as quarantine. Should other restrictions be necessary, a notification 48 hours in advance should be given to member states and Commission, with public given 24-hour notice in advance.


Photo Source: VoteWatch Europe, European Commission Twitter

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