Two Youths Arrested For Stealing Car In Ħamrun

Two Youths Arrested For Stealing Car In Ħamrun
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Two youths have been arrested by police after they allegedly stole a vehicle in Ħamrun. 

The theft reportedly took place last Sunday, at around 2320hrs. As police officials were carrying out a typical locality surveillance in Triq il-Kbira San Ġużepp, Santa Venera, they noticed a Volkswagen Polo with two suspicious individuals inside. 

The police stopped the car, with the driver resulting in not having a valid driver’s license. 

Further investigations showed that the vehicle had been stolen a few hours prior from Triq Brighella, Ħamrun. 

The two youths were arrested and taken to the Floriana Lock Up for further investigations. The youth are expected to appear in court today at 1100hrs. 


Business Owners Express Concerns Over Malta’s Direction

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According to a recent survey conducted by the Chamber of SMEs in Malta, a significant number of small business owners in the country hold a pessimistic view regarding the nation’s current trajectory.

The survey, which garnered 423 responses from businesses employing up to 250 people, was conducted through an online platform by MISCO between October 11 and October 20. 

The results indicate that 80% of respondents believe that Malta is moving in the wrong direction, marking a notable increase of 16 percentage points since the same question was asked in the second quarter of the year.

Among the top concerns expressed by the survey respondents, employee shortages ranked as the most pressing issue, followed closely by increasing inflation and unfair competition. 

When questioned about the most critical issues facing the country that the government should address, nearly 40% of business owners cited corruption levels and the lack of good governance as their primary concerns.

The survey also revealed that concerns about overpopulation were closely linked to perceived abuses within the system.

The survey results pointed to a prevailing sense of uncertainty within the country, which is discouraging business owners from making further investments.

Nearly 60% of respondents expressed uncertainty about the prospects for investment in the coming year, with 35% believing that the environment for investment will remain unfavourable.

Only slightly more than 15% of businesses indicated their willingness to expand their investments.


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MICAS Inaugurates its First Art Exhibition During the International Art Weekend 2023

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The Malta International Contemporary Art Space (MICAS) reached a significant milestone in its journey by inaugurating its first art exhibition, “What is to become is already here,” by the renowned British contemporary artist, Conrad Shawcross, right on the MICAS site. The event unfolded against the backdrop of the historic military architecture of the Ospizio, marking the launch of the fifth edition of the MICAS International Art Weekend in 2023.

In his speech at the inauguration, Minister for National Heritage, Arts, and Local Government, Owen Bonnici, lauded the transformation of a large area of land in Floriana. Once abandoned and inaccessible, this area, now home to MICAS, is being returned to the public through culture. Minister Bonnici emphasized that the project is well underway, with an expected completion and inauguration in 2024.

“This exhibition allows us to admire not only excellent art within the spaces of the MICAS site, but also the spaces themselves, which are equally impressive,” Minister Bonnici expressed. “The Government’s substantial investment in cultural infrastructure strengthens our cultural sector and makes historical heritage and art more accessible to the public. Additionally, it opens doors to new international relationships and creates a unique cultural tourist market.”

Phyllis Muscat, the Chairperson of MICAS, shared her vision for the entity, which aims to develop a strong and diverse international program, showcasing exceptional contemporary art and artists. She explained that MICAS has made significant progress this year, thanks to investments from the European Funds for Regional Development and national funds, with gallery construction progressing rapidly. “We look forward to officially opening MICAS next year,” said Mrs. Muscat.

Conrad Shawcross, the contemporary artist behind the exhibition, recalled his initial visit to Malta as a guest of MICAS, highlighting the immediate connection he felt with Malta’s history and geography. In his speech, Shawcross detailed how he drew inspiration from the MICAS site’s unique location, its historical significance, proximity to the sea and marina, and the breathtaking views from its elevated floors.

MICAS worked closely with Shawcross to curate the exhibition, featuring his artworks throughout the site. “What is to become is already here” comprises three distinct bodies of work and alludes to the essence of MICAS itself – a prelude to the future as it readies for its official opening while existing within the historical fortifications that have stood for centuries.

MICAS further enhanced its contemporary art collection with the acquisition of “The Dappled Light of the Sun (Formation I)” by Conrad Shawcross. This striking structure, composed of around 1,600 tetrahedrons, was inspired by the perpetual motion of the natural world. It will join the works of Ugo Rondinone and Cristina Iglesias in the MICAS permanent collection, aligning with MICAS’ mission to democratize art and ensure that these masterpieces are accessible to all.

The Creative Committee of MICAS, led by Edith Devaney, collaborated closely with the artist to transform this event into reality. The result is a collection of Conrad Shawcross’s works that interact with and explore the historical landscape of the Ospizio.

The MICAS International Art Weekend 2023 attracted a remarkable international audience and continued with a lecture by the renowned American Director of Museums, Timothy Rub. The lecture centered on the responsibility of museums to support continuity and change, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Artistic Director Edith Devaney. The panel included Timothy Rub, Waqas Wajahat, Conrad Shawcross, and Dr. Georgina Portelli. The weekend’s events demonstrated MICAS’s commitment to promoting contemporary art and fostering international connections within the art world.


Fr. Marcellino Micallef Wins The ‘Active Ageing Award’

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The President of Malta George Vella said that the elderly should be provided every space and opportunity to continue using their knowledge and abilities for their own good and for the good of the community. “We cannot lose this wisdom and experience. These are not something old or superfluous, but a necessity in every modern society. Everyone has a role to play in this process”, stated the President during the ‘Active Ageing Award’ event, which this year was won by Father Marcellino Micallef.

The President said that age should not impede a person from continuing to get involved and play a civic role in the community. He noted that entities such as Local Councils, government entities and non-governmental organisations can offer various opportunities to encourage the elderly to learn and share their knowledge, their experience in the world of work, their traditions and values and much more between themselves and with other generations.

Today’s event, said the President, is a celebration of work, commitment, and dedication in the active ageing sector. In his speech, the President fully welcomed the idea of this annual event dedicated to the elderly which clearly shows the appreciation towards those who over the years have contributed to Maltese society.

The President remarked that this year’s event presents new elements because in addition to awards for the elderly who stayed active, there are also categories for projects or initiatives, that could have been carried out by individuals of all ages, entities or organisations, that facilitated active ageing. He mentioned, among others, areas such as innovation, technology, and solidarity between generations.

The Minister for Active Ageing Jo Etienne Abela thanked all the elderly for their great contribution throughout their lives. He said that the life we are enjoying today is the result of the work and efforts of those who came before us. While describing the Active Ageing Award as a celebration of work, commitment, and dedication in this sector, Minister Abela stated that it is great that there is still a good number of participants for this award.

The winners are:

Active Ageing Award – Fr Marcellino Micallef

Innovation and Technology in Active Ageing Award – Project CLIVE

Sports Active Ageing Award – Mr Carmel Mizzi

Volunteering Award in Active Ageing – Mr Joseph Vella

Intergenerational Solidarity Award – Xewkija Primary School and Xewkija Local Council for the Intergenerational Project on trades

Cultural Award – Mr Charles Bellia


Photos: OPR