Two New Surveys Indicate Drop In Support For Labour

Two New Surveys Indicate Drop In Support For Labour
Jul 23 2023 Share

Two new surveys were released by Times of Malta and MaltaToday, investigating the popularity of the two major parties in Malta: Labour Party and the Nationalist Party. 

According to the Times of Malta survey, PL would still win an election were it to take place tomorrow, but with a new margin of just under 18,000 votes. 

The current governing party also lost more voters as it registered a decrease of 1.3% over the past four months and 5% since last year’s general election. 

According to the ToM survey, the PN did not manage to garner any significant support – registering a 2% boost since the last election. 

Support for Prime Minister Robert Abela also dropped but is markedly higher than Opposition Leader Bernard Grech’s. According to ToM, Abela’s trust rating now ranks at 4.3, down from March’s 5 rating. 

This is still higher than Grech’s 3.7 trust rating. According to the ToM survey, only 8% of youths under the age of 24 approve of the government’s performance. This is in contrast to 38% of people over 65. 

Meanwhile, according to MaltaToday, the PN overtook the PL for the first time since 2008, with support standing at 30.2%. 

This is an increase of 1.5 points, with the Labour Party scoring 29.6%. Despite the minuscule advantage, the PN had never taken the PL in any survey by MT since the 2008 general election. 

Abela’s advantage in the MT survey is one of 12 points, with a trust rating of 39.2% (an increase over May), against Grech’s 26.8% (a tiny boost of 1.3 points). 33.3% of those surveyed trust no one.

What do you make of all of this? Read the full surveys here: Times of Malta and MaltaToday.


Viral Maltese Diving Dog Titti Returns To LADBible With 3.5M Views

Viral Maltese Diving Dog Titti Returns To LADBible With 3.5M Views
Jul 23 2023 Share

International media and news company LADBible took to TikTok to re-share an iconic Maltese clip – that of the late viral Maltese diving dog Titti leaping into the sea. 


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♬ original sound – <3

Titti had amassed quite a following when the video was shared by Titti’s owner Carmelo Abela, showing the dog leap into St Peter’s Pool to cool off from the summer heat.

And LADBible’s re-share to TikTok amassed a whopping 3.5 Million views in just 18 hours, re-igniting Titti’s ability to capture the attention of audiences around the world. 

Unfortunately, Titti the Jack-Russell passed away in 2019 after having suffered heart problems. Carmelo, missing Titti dearly, kept the legacy alive by introducing the world to a new diving buddy, Tina. 

And we’re sure that Tina is carrying Titti’s spirit into the Maltese seas as she plunges and splashes were favourite human. 


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RIP Titti!. 


Five Arrested in Connection with Jean Paul Sofia’s Tragic Death

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Five individuals have been arrested in connection with the tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia, who lost his life in a devastating factory collapse at the Corradino Industrial Estate on December 3.

The arrests were carried out late on Friday night by the police shortly after they received a copy of the concluded magisterial inquiry into the incident, led by Magistrate Marse-Ann Farrugia. 

The prolonged duration of the inquiry drew criticism from Prime Minister Robert Abela, who expressed his concerns over the time taken to conclude the report.

In addition to the magisterial inquiry, Jean Paul Sofia’s untimely death will be the subject of a public and independent inquiry, tasked with scrutinising the circumstances that led to the tragic incident and investigating any potential political negligence or failings that may have contributed to it.

The nation awaits further developments and the arraignment of those under arrest, which will appear in court to face charges during this weekend.


The Most Followed Woman on Instagram turns 31 today!

Jul 22 2023 Share

Today marks the 31st birthday of the one and only Selena Gomez!

With millions of adoring fans across the globe, this multi-talented starlet not only rocks the stage but also rules the realm of Instagram as the most followed woman on the platform – and the third most followed person on the platform, just after football goats Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi!

Selena Gomez has certainly come a long way since her Barney and Disney days, charming us all with her effervescent personality and extraordinary talent. From a budding actress to a chart-topping singer, she has wowed us with her versatility, proving time and again that she is a true force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

But there’s no denying that Selena’s online presence is equally captivating! With a whopping army of over 400+ million followers on Instagram, she reigns as the undisputed Queen of the ‘Gram.

Selena Gomez is a role model for all of us, reminding us to always be kind and brave!