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Two Men Fight & Injured With Glass Bottle In St Julian’s

Two Men Fight & Injured With Glass Bottle In St Julian's
Sep 28 2023 Share

Today, at around 0300hrs, police were informed that their assistance was needed in Triq Paceville, St. Julian’s. 

Police convened on site and found a man, a 41-year-old Libyan man, with injuries on his face. He alleged how a few minutes before he was involved in an argument with another man who fled the scene. 

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As the officers dealt with the report, other police doing rounds in Spinola Garden noticed another man, a 27-year-old Englishman, with injuries. Police confronted him and he alleged how he was involved in an argument as well. 

Investigations showed that the two had an argument between them, with a glass bottle being used during the altercation.

They were both taken to Mater Dei Hospital, and were both confirmed to have suffered grievous injuries. Police investigations are still ongoing. 


Sidemen Celebrate Wedding In Malta With Afrojack & Alan Walker

Sidemen Celebrate Wedding In Malta With Afrojack & Alan Walker
Sep 28 2023 Share

After it was confirmed that the Sidemen were in Malta for the wedding for one of their members Vikkstar’s wedding, a video surfaced showing the groom partying as two of the biggest DJs in the world played at the ceremony. 


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DJs Alan Walker and Afrojack played at Vikram and Ellie’s wedding party, with Vikram seen atop shoulders to celebrate his big day. 

The wedding attracted crowds of fans waiting for the Sidemen to exit the building, leading to brief interactions with the likes of KSI and Miniminter. 


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♬ Too Wild – AFROJACK

And despite Behzinga’s comments about the islands in a podcast following their stay, the group seems to have really enjoyed their time here. 


There Are More Restaurants In Malta Than Paris Or New York

There Are More Restaurants In Malta Than Paris Or New York
Sep 28 2023 Share

According to a new report by BusinessNow.mt, there are relatively more restaurants in Malta than New York, Paris or London. 

Malta reportedly outranks New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome and Dubai in number of available eating spots when ‘taking into account the number of residents and visitors.’ 

‘The data, for Malta as for the cities mentioned, often contains gaps and estimations, but the results lend weight to claims by the Association of Catering Establishments that there are too many restaurants for the country to handle.’

The report looks at licenses issued by the Malta Tourism Authority, which suggests a total of 837 restaurants, 1077 snack bars, 188 take-aways, 56 kiosks and 480 bars, which amounts to 2,638. 

‘Based on 3,000 restaurants serving a population of 542,000, there are 180 residents per restaurant in Malta. This is the lowest figure of any destination reviewed, indicating fiercer competition.’

Dubai follows with 13,000 restaurants for a population of 3.5 million. Paris is up next with 44,000 restaurants and 13 million population in its metropolitan area at 295 residents per restaurant. 


Source: BusinessNow.mt

UK Approves First Drug Consumption Room

UK Approves First Drug Consumption Room
Sep 28 2023 Share

The UK’s inaugural official drug consumption room for illegal substances has gained approval in Scotland, marking a significant milestone in the contentious harm-reduction strategy for addicts. 

Costing £2.3 million, the Glasgow-based facility will afford users a hygienic setting for drug intake under medical supervision. After prolonged legal disputes between the parliaments in London and Edinburgh, the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board sanctioned the project. 

They cited “overwhelming international evidence” supporting such spaces, emphasising their positive impact on addicts’ health, well-being, and recovery. Furthermore, the facility will address public safety concerns associated with drug use on the streets, which has adversely affected local communities and businesses.

The initiative was first proposed during a 2016 HIV outbreak in Glasgow, where contaminated needle-sharing among drug users was a significant concern. Official figures from last month indicated a decline in drug-related deaths in Scotland, although the rate remains higher than the European average. 

While the devolved Scottish government in Edinburgh supports the consumption room, some lawmakers express reservations about potential impacts on local businesses. Advocates believe that this facility, though not a cure-all, will provide a safer environment for drug consumption, aligning with the success of similar venues worldwide. 

Dr. Saket Priyadarshi, Associate Medical Director of Glasgow’s alcohol and drug recovery services, said that the project aims to minimise negative effects of drug use on individuals while also offering chances for treatment, care, and recovery.

Former addict and advocate Peter Krykant emphasized the importance of removing the criminal stigma from users and offering them a supportive, safe environment for recovery. Additionally, SNP councillor Norman Macleod advocated for providing heroin to addicts as a means to reduce reliance on criminal sources for drugs.