Two drivers were involved in a head-on crash this morning

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Police told TVM that the crash had taken place at 7 a.m. this morning in Hal Safi. The crash occurred between a Mercedes A180 driven by a 47-year-old man from Zurrieq and a Renault Captur crossover driven by a 21-year-old man from Msida. 

The two men were rushed to the hospital, where they were certified to have suffered minor injuries.


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Google Releases Online Shopping Tools for Price Monitoring and Comparison

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Price Insights helps consumers to pick a product and sign up to be alerted anytime there is a price reduction, but it also searches the web to see if there are better deals available somewhere else. Pickup notifications have also been introduced to the feature. It indicates which stores let consumers pick up their goods at the counters or deliver them to their homes. 

Google is steadily introducing its Price Insights platform to select regions before it becomes available around the globe.


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A reusable heated face mask for filtering and inactivating coronavirus

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The theory of this mask is: as a person wearing a mask breathes in and out, air flows through the mesh repeatedly, and any viral particles in the air are slowed down and discarded by mesh and high temperatures. Such a mask could be of benefit to health workers and members of the public in circumstances where social distancing would be impossible to achieve, such as a busy bus.

The design of this mask is completely new. Instead of mainly preventing the virus, it enables the virus to move through the mask, but slows it down and inactivates it.


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North Korea reports that ‘yellow dust coming from China’ may bring coronavirus to Korea

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Korean Central Television (KCTV) told its viewers that the dust, which experts say is a seasonal phenomenon, “could carry Covid-19 virus with it since it is an airborne disease”, according to BBC News.

Foreign missions also reported being told to keep their staff indoors and not open any windows, with the Russian embassy in Pyongyang writing on Facebook that it was taking measures due to “the expected dust storm”.


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