Turtle Nests Hatch In Multiple Locations During The Past Days

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In a heartening display of nature’s resilience and collaborative conservation efforts, turtles have successfully hatched from multiple nests, in different location around Malta and Gozo.

Following rigorous protocols, Nature Trust Malta volunteers and officials from the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) carefully excavated the nests under the watchful eye of a qualified veterinarians.

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding Malta’s marine life.

Collaborating with Nature Trust Malta and other organisations, ERA’s efforts extend to funding interventions for the rescue and rehabilitation of injured wildlife, furthering the cause of marine conservation in Maltese waters.


Suspicious Fires Ravage – FKNK Calls for Unity in Protecting Nature

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In a disturbing incident, a series of suspicious fires ravaged at l-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa grove, at an area owned by the FKNK.

The fires, reported in four different areas of the wilderness reserve, occurred simultaneously around 5 p.m. on the eve of Santa Maria, prompting suspicions of deliberate vandalism.

The FKNK swiftly issued a statement expressing deep concern and condemnation over the suspected acts of arson that have inflicted irreversible damage to the natural environment. The fires’ synchronised ignition in separate parts of the grove has led experts to believe that this was a coordinated effort, aimed at causing maximum destruction.

Volunteer members from the Mellieħa Sub-Committee within the FKNK sprang into action, responding immediately to control the fires alongside dedicated Civil Protection officers. The team’s rapid intervention prevented further devastation, with the presence of Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) officers and police providing invaluable support on the ground.

The FKNK has voiced its strong belief that these acts of destruction are cowardly and thoughtless, causing irreversible harm to a vital habitat that will take years to regenerate.

From his end, Lucas Micallef, took to social media to express his dismay, stating, “This is a cowardly act that shows where hatred leads you. It destroys a natural environment that needs years to regenerate.” Micallef commended the tireless efforts of the FKNK volunteers and Civil Protection officials, emphasising their dedication to safeguarding the environment. He also vowed to stand alongside others in the fight to uncover the culprits behind the fires, pledging not to rest until those responsible are brought to justice.

The FKNK has called upon the public to assist in their quest for justice by sharing any information related to the incident. Anyone with knowledge about the suspicious fires is urged to immediately contact the police at 21224001, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable for their reckless actions.


No One Injured As Van Catches Fire In Mellieħa

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Occupants of a van experienced a harrowing ordeal that ended without injury as the vehicle they were in suddenly caught fire yesterday morning on the Mellieħa bypass.

Quick response by members of the Civil Protection unit helped contain the flames, preventing a potentially dire situation.

The incident unfolded around 10:30 a.m. near the bypass of the picturesque locality.

Eyewitnesses described a dramatic scene as the van’s interior was engulfed in flames, emitting thick plumes of smoke that billowed into the sky.

Thanks to the swift and coordinated efforts of the Civil Protection team, the fire was brought under control, averting what could have been a catastrophic incident.

The occupants of the van were able to escape unscathed.

The accident, although leaving no casualties, did lead to traffic congestion in the vicinity. As a precautionary measure, the lane heading towards Cirkewwa had to be temporarily closed, causing a ripple effect on the flow of vehicles in the area. Authorities worked diligently to manage the traffic situation and restore normalcy as swiftly as possible.


Motorcycle Pilgrimage Raises Funds For Franciscan Soup Kitchen

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In a heartwarming display of community unity and charity, the sixth edition of the exhilarating motorcycle pilgrimage, organised by the Parishes of Ħad-Dingli and Mġarr, roared through the streets on the Feast of Santa Marija revving up a generous sum of €540 for the Franġiskani Soup Kitchen.

Dingli and Mġarr residents and motorcycle enthusiasts alike were treated to an unusual sight as the morning sun cast a golden glow over the Mġarr parsonage. Dozens of gleaming motorbikes lined the main square, transforming it into a bustling hub of excitement and compassion. As the clock struck 9 a.m., the resonant tones of a mass signaled the beginning of a unique pilgrimage.

With the Parish Priest of Mġarr, Rev. George Schembri, at the helm, a throng of enthusiastic motorcyclists embarked on a journey that merged the thrill of the open road with a heartfelt mission. This year’s pilgrimage took on special significance as it aimed to contribute to the noble cause of the Franġiskani Soup Kitchen, a beacon of hope for the less fortunate.

Amidst the roar of engines, a call for donations resounded through the air, resulting in the collection of a remarkable €540.

A poignant pause halfway through the pilgrimage took place in front of the Archpriest Church of San Sebastian in Qormi. Here, the Archpriest Canon Eucharist Zammit led a solemn moment of prayer, underscoring the spiritual aspect of this unique event.

Guiding the motorcade were diligent officers from the Police Traffic Section, ensuring a safe and harmonious journey for all.


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