Transport Minister ‘To Listen’ To Msida Park Project

Transport Minister 'To Listen' To Msida Park Project
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After the Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers of Malta (Kamra tal-Periti) issued their plans for a Msida Core Park, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Chris Bonett issued a statement saying that he is willing to listen to the proposal.

‘I noted the proposal by the Chamber which received reactions which I cannot, and in truth I don’t want to, ignore’, wrote Bonett.

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‘The proposal which has appeared so far in the media consists of a design which, although appeals aesthetically, personally raises a number of questions on traffic management and the liberty I have at this stage to change the project as well as legal and financial consequences.’

‘It is important to remember that this project started 5 years ago. A number of changes were made, a wide consultation undertaken, and after this whole a process a tender was issued. This was won and a contract signed.’

He revealed that this is why he will be meeting the chamber to discuss the plan in some detail.

‘Rest assured that I am the first one to want this project to be possible.’


Mediterrane Film Festival’s Panel Discussions are a MUST for Aspiring Filmmakers

Dive into Culture with Mediterrane Film Festival's Panel Discussions
Jun 25 2024 Share

The Mediterrane Film Festival is hosting a series of compelling panel discussions that are delving into the intersections of culture, storytelling, and the film industry. With a focus on the Mediterranean’s rich cultural heritage and its ever-evolving media landscape, these panels promise to foster thought-provoking conversations and innovative ideas.

From exploring the shared cultural roots of the Mediterranean and Europe to examining the intricacies of film distribution and the burgeoning fields of VR and AR, the festival will provide a platform for industry professionals, creators, and cultural influencers to exchange insights and envision the future of storytelling and media. Here are the panel discussions taking place at Mediterrane.

 Fostering Collaboration: Co-production Dynamics in the Mediterranean and Beyond: In the Mediterranean region, understanding available co-production support and navigating the complexities of collaborative ventures is crucial. As the local film sector is enhanced, several pertinent questions arise, including around the role of governments, funding support and the role of national film festivals. Addressing these is essential for shaping the future of storytelling and nurturing collaborative efforts in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Exploring Storytelling TrendsAmidst an evolving landscape, creators find themselves walking a tightrope, aiming to both captivate and resonate with audiences while staying attuned to shifting tastes. How do their creative decisions and adherence to genre norms propel storytelling forward in this dynamic media landscape? How do creators harness this power to craft narratives that deeply engage audiences?

National Screen Tourism Conference: Screen Tourism’ can take many forms, including site visits, film-themed attractions, film itineraries, film festivals and conferences. Join Malta’s first National Screen Tourism conference as key experts give insights into other countries’ success stories while others will highlight the challenges, opportunities and threats that come with successful Screen Tourism campaigns.

Navigating the Next Spatial Frontier of Storytelling: VR, AR, MR, and Spatial ComputingAdvancements in spatial audio, immersive experiences, virtual reality and augment reality technology are reshaping storytelling within the metaverse. What challenges and obstacles do creators face in crafting content for emerging technologies and ensuring compelling and coherent storytelling across various platforms?

Animating the Future: Technological Innovations within the Mediterranean Ecosystem and beyond: The technological advancements in the animation industry serve not only to break down barriers but also to foster interconnectedness within a global ecosystem. How can animators from diverse cultural backgrounds collaborate to shape the narratives and animation styles of tomorrow? By harnessing the power of both technology and their cultural diversity, animators can revolutionise the animation landscape.

From Pitch to Platform: The Evolution of Patrice Evra: Join Patrice Evra (France), former professional footballer and current social media star, for an exclusive one-on-one session exploring his journey from the football pitch to becoming a prominent digital influencer.

If one (or more) of these tickle your fancy, make sure to register here!


Ministry Thanks MCAST Principal For 6 Years Of Service

Ministry Thanks MCAST Principal For 6 Years Of Service
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The Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation has issued his thanks to Prof. James Joachim Calleja for his service as Principal of MCAST over the past six years.

‘The College is grateful to Prof. Calleja for leading the College to unprecedented academic levels’, with the ministry revealing that an  interim committee has been appointed to ensure continuity at the College.

‘This committee will immediately work with the College’s leadership to ensure that students, lecturers, educators, and all College employees continue to receive support during these times.’

Meanwhile, a call for a new principal has been issued as coordination with the current leadership is taking place  for the operation of the College towards the opening of the new academic year.

‘The committee is composed of members of the College’s Board of Governors, as well as public officials from the Public Service. This transition process is being carried out in accordance with public administration regulations, as already communicated to the concerned parties last May.’


Croatia’s Modric Breaks Records For Oldest Scorer

Croatia's Modric Breaks Records For Oldest Scorer
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Luka Modrić, at 38 years and 289 days old, became the oldest scorer in EURO history by netting a goal against Italy at UEFA EURO 2024. This remarkable achievement came moments after his penalty was saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Despite his historic goal, Croatia’s hopes were dashed when Italy’s Mattia Zaccagni scored in the eighth minute of stoppage time, resulting in a 1-1 draw and advancing Italy to the knockout stage.

Modrić surpassed Ivica Vastic’s previous record of being the oldest scorer, which was set at 38 years and 257 days during Euro 2008. Modrić received standing ovations from fans when he was substituted in the 80th minute and was applauded again at the post-game press conference.

Having played 178 games for Croatia since his debut in 2006 under Zlatko Kranjcar, Modrić is participating in his fifth European Championship. His goal against Italy brings his total to four goals in 16 EURO matches.

While he has enjoyed significant success at the World Cup, leading Croatia to the final in 2018 and third place in 2022, the draw against Italy means Croatia is likely to be eliminated from Euro 2024.

Reflecting on the match, Modrić said, “It was very stressful. We kept fighting like lions right to the end. But football is cruel. Sometimes it brings a lot of happiness, but sometimes it makes you very sad as well.”


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