Training and Learning Courses Offered by Local Councils

Training and Learning Courses Offered by Local Councils
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Local Councils are crucial to the socio-economic life of every town and village, providing a central hub for services, information, and support. Active, serious, and dedicated councils are essential for residents who elect their representatives.

Training and learning are vital in creating a society more aware of daily needs in an ever-changing world. Acquiring valuable skills offers peace of mind and new opportunities for career advancement or serving as knowledgeable guides within families.

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Local Councils throughout Malta and Gozo offer a variety of courses aimed at achieving these goals. These courses cover a wide range of subjects, including IT and computer use, educational topics, and practical crafts such as ganutell work, lace making, and physical exercises.

Examples of courses include introductory Internet courses and Internet use at work, aerobics, Pilates, Zumba, and line dancing, as well as crochet skills and cake decorating.

In the educational field, the dynamic Lifelong Learning initiative offers courses in subjects such as literacy in Maltese and English, basic mathematics, and Maltese as a foreign language. Similar courses are available for those wishing to learn more about English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

These initiatives aim to provide valuable skills and knowledge, enhancing the quality of life for residents and fostering a more informed and capable community.


PL and PN Candidates Discuss Their Campaigns

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As the MEP Elections draw near, MaltaDaily interviewed candidates Marija Sara Vella Gafa from the Labour Party and Norma Camilleri from the Nationalist Party to gain insight into their respective parties’ proposals and why they believe voters should support them.

Marija Sara Vella Gafa articulated the Labour Party’s comprehensive campaign, emphasizing the significance of their dual manifesto approach—one for the European Parliament and another for each of Malta’s 68 localities. She highlighted ten key themes, including connectivity, agriculture, fisheries, and immigration. “Our manifesto is focused on putting Malta first and fostering a Europe of peace, not armaments,” Vella Gafa stated. “The difference between us and the Nationalist Party is stark; while we offer detailed solutions, they present a minimalistic, one-page manifesto that lacks substance.”

Norma Camilleri outlined the Nationalist Party’s electoral program, which aims to address all segments of society. Key proposals include increasing European funds to enhance quality of life, investing in transportation and alternative transit options, and prioritizing youth education and training. “We are particularly attentive to Gozo, recognizing its unique needs and ensuring its residents are involved in decision-making processes,” Camilleri explained. “Additionally, we view the environment as a fundamental human right.”

When asked why voters should choose the Labour Party, Vella Gafa emphasized the party’s consistent and transparent approach. “With us, you always know where you stand. Our track record speaks for itself, and our vision for a better Europe and Malta is clear,” she asserted. “In contrast, the Nationalist Party fails to present viable solutions.”

Camilleri, on the other hand, stressed the Nationalist Party’s human-centric policies and commitment to core values. “Our policies put people first, focusing on the needs of individuals and upholding the values crucial to our nation,” she said. “We are dedicated to fighting corruption and ensuring good, transparent governance.”

The interviews reveal contrasting approaches and priorities between the two major parties. The Labour Party’s strategy, as described by Vella Gafa, is highly structured, with a detailed manifesto targeting specific local and European issues. Their campaign underscores continuity and progress based on past achievements.

Conversely, the Nationalist Party, represented by Camilleri, offers a holistic electoral program aimed at societal improvement through increased funding, youth opportunities, and environmental protection. They emphasize human-centric policies and ethical governance as their key selling points.


17 Black Inquiry Launched By MEP David Casa Finalised

17 Black Inquiry Launched By MEP David Casa Finalised
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It has been announced that the 17 Black Inquiry launched by PN MEP David Cash has been finalised.

‘It has been many years since a courageous source handed me an FIAU report which their superiors intended to bury’, Casa said in a statement.

‘I eventually published that report, despite the threats, because I was convinced that the public should know the truth. Edward Scicluna, who still insists on holding public office despite criminal charges, lost no time in attempting to discredit it as having been written to be leaked.’

‘With little hope that a hijacked police force would do its job, through my lawyer Dr Jason Azzopardi and alongside Dr Simon Busuttil and Repubblika, we requested the opening of a magisterial inquiry and the 17 Black inquiry was joined to that of the Panama Papers. Today, we are informed that this inquiry, which investigated among other things the relationship between 17 Black, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, has been concluded.’

‘We deserve justice. At its core this case is about the betrayal of the Maltese people by a mafia that put its own greed above all else’, Casa continued.

‘I will be formally requesting a copy of the inquiry in the coming days.’


‘Love Our Islands’: Metsola Runs Love Island Style Advert

'Love Our Islands': Metsola Runs Love Island Style Advert
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EU President Roberta Metsola released an advert in Love Island Malta style, urging people to go vote this upcoming election on June 8th.


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The advert is a simple Love Island aesthetic urge to vote, with the EU president stating ‘Love Our Islands.’

The ad was aired during last night’s episode of Love Island on TVM as part of Broadcasting Authority political adverts, in relation to Saturday’s MEP election.