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Too Hot To Handle & Love Island stars spotted in Malta over past few days

 - Celebrities - Nov 24

A number of stars from recent hit series have been spotted spending their time in sunny Malta, most recently Too Hot To Handle 2021 winner and Parisian model Marvin Anthony, together with co-contestant Tabitha Clifft.

Anthony has been posting a number of Instagram stories which give a first-hand look into his Maltese experience so far, including some time at the Hilton and Blue Elephant restaurant, visiting the Triton Fountain in Valletta and a cheeky mirror shot with Clifft. During his time on Too Hot To Handle, Anthony had developed a close bond with other contestant Melissa Melrose, who is nowhere to be seen in Anthony’s stories at the moment.

Marvin Anthony took home an enormous $55,000 after winning Too Hot To Handle, a reality TV show which brings together a group of sexually-active young people from around the world who, without warning, are encouraged to engage in meaningful, intimate connections rather than sexual activity. If they engage in any form of sexual activity, they begin to lose from the prize money.

Love Island star Jessica Rose Lever has also been spotted travelling around sunny Malta, posting a couple of snaps and videos of Maltese cultural landmarks on her social media pages, going on to state that she misses her child in the caption of another post.


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Which celebrity will we see next in Malta?


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