Today’s kids will probably reach age 100

Today's kids will probably reach age 100
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According to demographers, kids who are aged 5 today will have a much better chance of becoming centenarians. 

It is very likely that the norm for newborns in wealthier nations such as Europe or the USA will be reaching age 100 by the year 2050. This changes how we typically view a normal life – youth, middle age and retirement/old-age.

The world population hit the 8 billion mark last November, but according to National Geographic, the growth rate is slowing with numbers expected to peak by the mid-point of the century. 

In essence, a less populated world inhabited by older people could be the very real future we’re approaching. Psychology professor and founding director of Stanford Centre on Longevity Laura Carstensen says that we have an opportunity to redesign our lives into an extended middle age. 

Technological advances will be part and parcel of the lives of kids getting older. Retiring at age 65 would also not make sense as the three-stage life will not make sense either. 

The education system can even change, beginning later in life and lasting longer with more early years of play and gap years in between studying. A 100 year life isn’t ‘about striving to stay younger for longer, its about staying healthy and connected enough to maintain a sense of purpose.’ 


Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ to be relocated as they keep having sex

Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' to be relocated as they keep having sex
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The descendants of Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ are set to be relocated in India and Mexico in an attempt to control their booming population. 

Experts claim that the 4,000 pound animals won’t stop having sex and that they have taken over Colombia’s waterways, poisoning wildlife with their toxic urine and faeces. 

There are worries, expressed by the likes of Nature journal, that this hippo population could boom ten times to around 1,500 in just 20 years due to them constantly reproducing. 

Local governor Aníbal Gaviria said that transferring 70 of the hippos is very risky, as moving them means moving the pathogens and viruses they carry as well. He explained that sending them back to their native home would have done more harm than good. 

The goal is “to take them to countries where these institutions have the capacity to receive them, and to (home) them properly and to control their reproduction,” said Gaviria.

The small herd of hippos arrived in Colombia in the late 1980s by the wealthy cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar. After his 1993 death, the animals were left to roam freely and populate the region of Magdalena Medio. 

The local environmental agencies have recorded two assaults on residents in 2021, with unsuccessful attempts at sterilisation in 2022 failing. This led to the hippos being declared as invasive species. 


This line of products breathes new life into your hair whilst cleaning the ocean

This line of products breathes new life into your hair whilst cleaning the ocean
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Hair care can be stressful and if you’ve ever been through the trials and tribulations of managing dry, rough hair, you know exactly what we’re talking about; thankfully John Frieda’s Deep Sea Hydration line is here for us.

Causes of dryness such as brushing, blow-drying, weather and everyday wear are now a thing of the past, with Deep Sea Hydration offering a wide range of functional benefits! Restore essential moisture, smoothness and strength to dehydrated hair with John Frieda’s shampoo, conditioner and masque offering a rush of moisture for instant smoothness.

“Formulated with nutrient-rich seaweed, these formulas deliver a rush of nourishing moisture & strength, leaving you with hair that is hydrated, silky-smooth and stronger in 1 use.” 

To top it all off the Deep Sea Hydration line is free from Paraben, Sulfate, Silicone and is Vegan Friendly, in addition to John Frieda itself being a member of the clean ocean movement 40cean, a cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis which recovers millions of pounds of plastic and other debris from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

So benefit from what is being called “one of the best lines ever used” and try out the Deep Sea Hydration line today!


Oldest woman in Malta turns 111 years old!

Oldest woman in Malta turn 111 years old!
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The People of Malta, a local project which highlights the island’s various inhabitants, took to social media to congratulate Malta’s oldest woman, Maria Farrugia, on her 111th birthday.

Born on the 7th of March 1912, Maria hails from Ħamrun and told the People of Malta on her 110th birthday last year that there are no secrets to living a long life. 

‘Life is in God’s hands’ she said, having led a simple life and having seen the islands change over the century she has been alive. 

A sister to 4 other siblings, some of them had died young, with one of them passing away at 37 due to a bomb raid during the war. She was born in Mosta, grew up in Msida and moved to Ħamrun when WWII struck. 

She was widowed in 1962 and had three children, two of whom passed away. Her daughter Carmen and her grandson Stephen now take care of her. 

Working as a seamstress, she lived through both the Spanish Flu and the COVID-19 pandemic. Carmen told The People of Malta that Maria used to make blankets and selling milk with the family goat. 

“Her family is very dear to her. She will not sleep without saying the rosary. She loves going through old photographs and recalling what she went through and recounting anecdotes. What does Maria like to eat? Simple food like vegetable soup and a slice of bread with oil and olives.”