Today is set to be the warmest December day in over 60 years

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Today is set to be the warmest December day in over 60 years

It might be officially winter but, according to Facebook weather page ‘It-Temp Madwarna’, today is set to be the hottest December day in 60 years. 

According to various portals, the 16th of December 2022 will be bringing in warm temperatures, with the highest being around 24°C and the lowest 14°C. 

Temperatures are set to feel like 25°C and 13°C as per highest and lowest respectively. The day will reportedly remain sunny to kick off a rather cloudy weekend. 

Winds are set to be as strong as Force 4 or 5, but will decrease throughout the day. This year saw various European countries, Malta included, experiencing extreme bouts of heat even during the normally colder seasons. 


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WATCH: Siggiewi dancing LED lights break record with 2310 bulbs

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WATCH: Siggiewi dancing LED lights break record with 2310 bulbs

A new record was broken by Siġġiewi’s ‘Grupp al-Armar 6 ta’ Dicembru’ through a roof made out of dancing LED lights. With a total of 2310 light bulbs, the roof spanned a length of 33.50m and a width of 17 metres. 


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The LED lights were made to shine in synchronicity with various musical pieces, giving a light show for the locals and fulfilling the goals of the people behind the record breaking. 


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Bernice Cassar shooter called victim’s father to tell him: “I killed your daughter”

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Bernice Cassar shooter called victim's father to tell him: "I killed your daughter"

During the compilation of evidence against Roderick Cassar, it was revealed that the shooter called the victim’s father to tell him that he killed his daughter and that the children will end up in a children’s home.

Cassar is being charged with the murder of Bernice Cassar, who was killed by a gunshot to her face by her estranged husband in Paola on November 22nd.

Police inspector Shaun Pawney testified in court that the shooter called the victim’s father to tell him that he killed his daughter and the kids would end up in a children’s hope. He went on to state that the victim was heard crying for help moments before the murder while the shooter told drivers to drive on.

Police constable Charmaine Fenech, who is stationed in the Zurrieq police station, stated that Cassar did not have any firearms licensed under his name.

On the report made by Bernice Cassar on the eve of the murder, Magistrate Joe Mifsud stated the following:

“You’re telling me a lot of things that happened on the day of the homicide, yet, no one has given me an explanation of what steps were taken on the report made by Bernice the night before she was killed. I want to know what follow up was made on this, and if there was a chance that this person’s murder could have been avoided.”


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Did You Ever Wonder Why There Are So Many iGaming Companies in Malta?

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Did You Ever Wonder Why Are There so Many iGaming Companies in Malta?

Online casinos are extremely popular, and they attract new players daily. Something very interesting for us is that if you try to find more information about them you are destined to see the name – Malta, over and over. This little archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and North Africa, is a global giant in the world of online gambling. If we were talking about tourism everything would be easy to understand, a sunny island, with beautiful beaches, rich history, and great food. What raises a couple of eyebrows is the fact that Malta is now a home for some, or maybe all, major players within the iGaming industry! So, we tried to find out why is that so.

Online Casinos and Laws in Malta: A Regulated Haven for Casino Players

While these companies are located throughout the whole world, they choose to have their headquarters on this sunny island. And their logic is bulletproof. Upon the start of our investigation, we stumbled upon the Malta Gaming Authority, the gaming control board of Malta. It regulates nearly all forms of gambling of online and land-based casinos on its territory. Players are assured of the authenticity and legality of a certain online casino with the MGA’s stamp of approval through the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which monitors the licensing, safety, and security of online operators, as reported by Harrison Newton, casino expert at BestCasinoSites.net.

Advantages that MGA Provides for iGaming Companies

Business owners are looking for a stable environment and a clear and predetermined set of rules for their business. And Malta is offering exactly that. Their MGA is considered one of the strictest yet most popular among operators. When the players see their casino is regulated by this body that creates a positive image and builds a bond of trust between them. MGA received many relevant awards for its business philosophy and reputation in the gambling business.

Laws in Malta for iGaming Companies

As the previously mentioned stable environment is important for companies to create long-term strategies, gambling laws must be easy to understand and can’t change that often. Even if changes are needed, they are discussed between all the parties influenced by them. Laws in Malta force companies to follow their strict standards to start a business there. And those legislations cover all of their offers, casino games, lotteries, sports betting, and others. In that way, players are safe in all games from blackjack, roulette, slot machines or even betting on who will win Qatar World Cup. Malta’s legal framework is making this country Europe’s hub for online gambling.

Gaming Tax in Malta

One of many advantages that Malta possesses over the competition is the very reasonable taxation. In some countries, taxes are so high that businesses aren’t profitable for casino owners. The people from the government of Malta recognized that and created a reasonably taxed environment for them. Their license is not cheap, but significantly more affordable than what these companies pay in other countries from Europe. Being considered a tax haven country in the Eurozone certainly helps them attract a lot of new iGaming companies.

Malta’s Technological Infrastructure

To set the perfect surroundings for these online businesses, Malta’s government invested heavily in appropriate infrastructure. They are devoted to becoming a leader in technology and research. Many of the FinTech and ICT companies are more than satisfied with their offer of internet quality and speed.

Malta Hosts the Largest Gathering of iGaming Professionals

At the year of 2014, a local conference was held in Malta and gathered iGaming professionals from all over the world. That conference, or expo, is named SiGMA, and today it is considered the largest gathering of this type in Europe. This conference is special because it connects operators, players, and technology innovators in a joint mission to make online gambling better every year. Besides gaming experience, important subjects are promotions, regulations, marketing, and numerous policies. Over 12 thousand attendees are present each year. This is one of the best places where iGaming companies can improve their business through cooperation with experienced people.

Malta’s Landscape and Climate Are Breathtaking

No matter which business you prefer, you can enjoy Malta on every part of the island. Beautiful weather, amazing sights, and the perfect temperature throughout the whole year. Over the workday, you can work in the office of an iGaming company with a beautiful view. After you can enjoy their amazing cuisine in some of the many restaurants, while in your free time you can swim, hike or drive and visit every part of the island. There are so many positive reviews to be found online to confirm this.

Skilled Workforce in Malta

If you want to start your business in Malta in this field, there are so many talented personnel you can find. As the country became a technology hub, with some of the best infrastructures, you can find many game and business developers, and tech and gambling experts. This is important to grow your business in this competitive world of online gambling. Quality workforce is present in abundance on this beautiful island.


This is amazing food for thought. A small island in the Mediterranean Sea is home to more than 10 percent of the iGaming companies. And when we consider all of this, they are not crazy about finding it perfect for their headquarters. Rich history and culture, beautiful landscapes, a progressive economy, and clear tax regulations are factors that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Their proactive and innovative government has made a haven for this business through laws and regulations, which provide security to all parties included in online casinos. And it seems they don’t intend to stop improving this amazing island in a mission to create the best place for a global home of iGaming giants.


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