Today is 4/20: What Does It Mean?

Today is 4/20: What Does It Mean?
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This Saturday, 20 April, marks a significant day in marijuana culture known as 4/20. Across the globe, cannabis enthusiasts will gather to celebrate and push for legalisation in regions where it remains prohibited. A notable local milestone occurred on 14 December 2021, when the Parliament of Malta legalised recreational cannabis for personal possession and use for individuals aged 18 and over, becoming the first EU country to do so.

The date 20/4, recognised in the American format as 4/20, is all about appreciating cannabis. The term “420” has its roots in the 1970s with a group of California high school friends known as “the Waldos.” They started using “420” as their code for marijuana after embarking on a quest to find a hidden cannabis patch, which they planned every day after school at 4:20 pm. This code eventually spread within their social circles, particularly among followers of the band Grateful Dead.

By the early ’90s, 4/20 had evolved into a full-fledged event after a flier circulated at a Grateful Dead concert promoting a gathering at 4:20 pm on 4/20. Today, this date is celebrated worldwide with large gatherings and music, particularly in places like Hyde Park in London and Civic Center Park in Denver, which hosts one of the world’s largest free 4/20 events.

Besides public gatherings, 4/20 is also marked by themed events such as music festivals and special product releases by breweries like Lagunitas Brewing, which creates a “Waldos’ Special Ale” in honour of the day. As both a celebration and a protest, 4/20 continues to be a key date in the cannabis community, symbolising both unity and a call for change in drug policy.


Man Dies After Setting Himself On Fire Outside Trump Trial Courthouse

Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside Trump Trial Courthouse
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A man who set himself on fire outside a lower Manhattan courthouse where Donald Trump’s trial is taking place has died from his injuries. The incident occurred on Friday, and the man was identified as Maxwell Azzarello from St Augustine, Florida. Before the act, Azzarello distributed pamphlets featuring anti-government conspiracy theories and had posted similar themed content online.

Chief Jeffrey Maddrey of the New York Police Department detailed the events, stating that Azzarello scattered pamphlets in the park, doused himself with a liquid from a canister, and set himself alight. Onlookers, including police officers and court officers, attempted to extinguish the flames using coats and fire extinguishers.

Azzarello, born in 1987, was rushed to New York’s Cornell Medical Center’s burn center where he was initially intubated but later succumbed to his injuries. The tragic event led to three NYPD officers and one court officer being treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

Authorities have indicated that the incident was not directly related to Donald Trump or his trial but appeared more driven by Azzarello’s personal beliefs. The area had seen small protests since the trial began, but the trial proceedings inside the courthouse were not disrupted by the outside events.


FORTUNES Festival Kicks Off Today at Fort St. Elmo

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Today’s the day of the much-awaited FORTUNES Festival at Fort St. Elmo in Valletta!

After weeks of excitement, festival-goers can rejoice as the sun shines brightly on this special occasion. The event is set to open its doors at 5 pm, kicking off with an hour of buy-1-get-1-free cocktails from 5pm to 6pm.

Held at one of the Mediterranean’s most iconic locations, the festival promises an unforgettable day-to-night extravaganza. The line-up boasts some of the biggest local talent, setting the stage for what’s to come later in the night. As the sun sets, the festival will turn up a notch with performances by international music sensations, Jazzy and ALTÉGO. These headliners are sure to bring their unique sounds for the first time in Malta, taking attendees on a journey of good vibes and great music.


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Whether you’re there for the music, the atmosphere, or the stunning historic location, FORTUNES Festival is the place to be today.

Make sure to arrive early to make the most of the happy hour and secure a good spot for the night’s stellar performances.

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Government Environment Entities Breaking Own Rules, PN States

Government Environment Entities Breaking Own Rules, PN States
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The Government that claims to protect the Environment is choosing to undermine it through its actions, the Nationalist Party stated, pinpointing entities like Infrastructure Malta and Wasteserv as breaking their own laws.

The Opposition said that, in the case of Infrastructure Malta alone, for example, this entity was fined twice the amount of €100,000, which is the highest amount of fine permissible under the law.

This shows that instead of setting an example, the Government ended up being fined the most for violating environmental laws.

This was the message that came out of a press conference addressed by Shadow Minister for the Environment Rebekah Borg and European Parliament election candidate David Agius, where it was explained that this information became public because the Nationalist Party raised questions in Parliament.

Therefore, the Nationalist Party is appealing for this information to be made mandatory, especially since it is only now known that since 2016, hundreds of thousands of euros in fines were issued to government entities regarding the Environment.

Speakers also reminded how the Government authorities themselves cut down trees in Mosta before they were vandalized, and to this day, it is unclear what exactly happened. Similarly, in Marsalforn, the Government seems to have cut down a number of trees.

The speakers also appealed for our country to resume sustainable development. However, according to the Opposition, the Labour Government is not adhering to what is required of it. They highlighted how, on the other hand, there is a need for European funds to be used in favor of the Environment, with the Government needing to set an example.