Three out of four female workers in Malta are victims of sexual abuse in the workplace

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is a pervasive issue in many countries, and Malta is no exception. According to local reports and polls conducted by expert NGOs in the sector, one out of three cases of sexual abuse in the workplace is not reported to the police for various reasons. This includes victims who may not know how to report the abuse or fear retaliation from their abusers.

Further, reports indicate that three out of four female workers in Malta are victims of sexual abuse in the workplace. These alarming statistics demonstrate the urgent need for action to protect workers and ensure a safe and respectful workplace for all.

To address this issue, the Nationalist Party recently presented a Bill in Parliament aimed at amending the Law and continuing its work of zero tolerance for sexual abuse in the workplace. The proposed amendment would introduce, for the first time in the country, the obligation for medium and large enterprises with more than 49 workers to have a policy against sexual harassment in the workplace.

This legal amendment is expected to have a direct impact on around 44,000 workers in Malta and Gozo and create a positive influence on every workplace. With this amendment, companies will have to implement policies and procedures to address and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. This will not only protect workers but also create a culture of respect and safety in the workplace.

The proposed amendment is a step in the right direction towards tackling the pervasive issue of sexual harassment in the workplace in Malta. It is essential to create an environment where workers feel safe and empowered to report any abuse they may face. The Nationalist Party’s initiative demonstrates a commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for all workers in Malta.


Carisma launches inclusive collection with Claudia Faniello & ‘Ġmielek’

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Carisma has launched a new collection in collaboration with popular local singer Claudia Faniello and her hit single from Mużika Mużika ‘Ġmielek’.

The ‘Ġmielek Collection’ celebrates the beauty of being uniquely you, featuring 4 new meaningful pendants.

The new collection is a first in Maltese history since it focuses on inclusivity, and totally mirrors the positive message that comes out from the song ‘Ġmielek’ that has also been re-recorded.

Alongside a new music video, directed by the renowned Steven Levi Vella and filmed by the talented Victor Abela, Carisma and Claudia Faniello highlight the spirit of inclusion, self-worth and hope – with a collection that includes strong inclusivity and awareness messages, particularly about people who live with disabilities such as ADHD, Dyslexia, hearing, and eyesight impairments.

One can easily notice the strong connection between the songs’s message and what the Carisma brand stands for – in fact, part of the collection also includes a pendant with braille on it.

Speaking exclusively with Malta Daily on this release, singer Claudia Faniello highlighted the importance of recognizing the inner beauty of a person. “In today’s fast-paced world, people often judge others based on their external appearance, leading to prejudices, indifference, and discrimination.”, said Faniello.

She explained that “the consequences of this behavior are severe, as it can make people feel unwelcome and isolated, causing them to suffer silently.”

Claudia’s song reminds us that we should take the time to look beyond the surface and appreciate the unique qualities and values that each person possesses. By doing so, we can create a more accepting and inclusive society that values diversity and promotes mutual respect.


Abandoned house in Birgu regenerated for social purpose

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The Minister for Social and Affordable Accommodation, Roderick Galdes, recently announced that a house in Birgu, which was previously abandoned, has been regenerated for a social purpose. The Minister revealed that this house is one of fifteen properties undergoing regeneration works to benefit society.

The abandoned house, which had been closed for several months, has been revitalized through an investment of approximately €150,000. The Housing Authority has received the property following the extensive renovation works, which included lighting and water installations and other aesthetic improvements that maintain the house’s Maltese character.

Minister Roderick Galdes emphasized that the government’s strategy for social housing extends beyond constructing new apartments. He explained that by investing in abandoned properties like this one, the government is sending a strong message that it seeks to provide shelter to individuals and families in need.

The regeneration of this house is a positive development that will benefit the community in Birgu. Through similar initiatives, the government can continue to repurpose abandoned properties for social purposes, providing essential support to vulnerable members of society.


Gap between PL & PN now down to 8,500 votes MT survey shows

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Following the Steward hospitals court decision in favour of PN MP Adrian Delia, the Labour Party has suffered its worst ‘electoral’ result ever, polling at just 30.8% in MaltaToday’s March survey that was published this morning.

In contrast, the Nationalist Party is now polling at 28.4%, while ADPD and other parties collectively receive 4.7% of the vote.

The gap between the two major parties has narrowed to just two points, or 8,500 votes without including the voting intentions of uncommitted voters. 

This represents a significant drop from the 56,400 votes registered in February, and is within the margin of error, said Malta Today upon publishing the survey.

The PL has lost eight points compared to the February survey, while the PN has gained six points.

This shift, according to MT, reflects voter dissatisfaction with the government, following a court ruling that annulled the hospitals concession due to fraud.

Robert Abela’s trust rating has also suffered, losing 11 points to register his worst ever result at 34.3%. 

In contrast, Bernard Grech has gained six points to achieve a score of 26.1%.


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