Three day menstrual leave every month for women in Spain

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Three day menstrual leave every month for women in Spain

A new legislative move is set to offer up women in Spain up to three days of menstrual leave when suffering with painful periods.

The legislation is expected to be passed in Spain next week, and it would make Spain the first European country to offer such support.

Such menstrual leaves are already offered elsewhere in the world outside the EU block, including countries like Japan, South Korea, Zambia and Indonesia. Spanish Secretary of State for equality and against gender violence Angela Rodriquez spoke out about some of the statistics which prompted the move.

Recent research from the Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society revealed that around one-third of menstruating women suffer from dysmenorrhea, resulting in painful periods. 

Another survey by the charity Bloody Good Period also suggests that 73% of women struggle with work when menstruating. Rodriquez said such statistics were unacceptable and should make both doctors and society reflect. 

‘When the problem cannot be solved medically, we believe that it is very sensible that there is a temporary disability associated with the issue.’ Other measures to improve menstrual health are also being bought into Spain. 

These include a requirement for schools to provide sanitary products for girls who need them. Additionally, VAT from the sale of pads and tampons will be removed in supermarkets, whilst other products will be free. 


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Two Maltese mountaineers make it up Western Europe’s highest peak

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Two Maltese mountaineers make it up Western Europe’s highest peak

Andrew Pullicino and Zach Cassar put their climbing skills to the test and successfully made it to the summit of Mont Blanc on July 2nd at 06:00am.

Facing strong winds and heavy snowfall, alongside bouts of thunder and lightning, the peak of the highest mountain in Western Europe – at 4,810m – seemed impossible to reach.

The climbers started their journey with weeks of physical training before their ascent, albeit endless training in Malta would have not prepared them enough for what they were to face due to the grandeur and height of this mountain.

A week before climbing Month Blanc, Andrew and Zach were trained on routines and acclimatisation regimes on Mount Gran Paradiso to prepare for their actual summit attempt.

During this climb they were met with cold, strong winds and static electricity which hindered them from making it to the top of Gran Paradiso just shy of the last 15m.

‘It felt so frustrating to be so close to the end and not manage – this definitely made us feel less confident to attempt Mont Blanc at the time and the pressure was on’ said Andrew.

The bad weather persisted even during the Mont Blanc expedition making the Goûter Route highly dangerous, a difficult feat even in the best of weather conditions. Their first resting point was the Tête Rousse Refuge at 3,167m. The following day, the group climbed the treacherous Gran Colouir to reach the Refuge du Goûter which stands at 3,835m.

The Gran Colouir, a dangerous gully, often referred to as the ‘gully of death’, has to be traversed on foot and was an extensive test to their stamina and physical fitness.

The third day allowed the climbers to finally sigh with relief, as the weather conditions slightly improved and gave them the opportunity to finish their ascent. Their final day started off at 02:30am – starting their journey in total darkness, the brave climbers – accompanied by two highly competent mountaineering guides – proudly made it to the summit.

‘Reaching the top felt so overwhelming. After such a tiring few days and the uncertainty of the weather, I had tears come to my eyes when we managed to get to the top!’ – Zach.


Photo Source: @zachcassar IG, Andrew Pullicino FB


Elon Musk’s decides to terminate his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter

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Elon Musk’s decides to terminate his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter

Elon Musk has just decided to terminate his $44 billion dollar agreement with Twitter’s bosses mere months after he announced his plan to buy the company. 

The SpaceX CEO didn’t officially become the owner of Twitter when he announced the agreement in April, despite the memes, jokes and plans by Musk himself for future changes.

The multi-billionaire had said that he wanted to unlock Twitter’s potential and make it ‘better than ever’ when he did officially become the owner. However, on Friday 8th July, his lawyer sent a letter to the company revealing the termination. 

The reason for termination is, according to lawyer Mike Ringler, due to Twitter allegedly not providing Musk with information he had requested according to their contract. Musk wanted to investigate claims that around 5% of accounts were spam.

Twitter ‘failed or refused to provide this information’, the lawyer said. However, Twitter’s board chair Bret Taylor revealed that the board is still committed to close the transaction. 

‘The Twitter Board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with Mr. Musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. We are confident we will prevail in the Delaware Court of Chancery’ wrote Taylor. 

When Musk first reached an agreement with Twitter, he had agreed to pay $1 billion if he chose to back out of the deal. Musk first agreed to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share, but after news of backing out, shares fell five percent to $36.81. 



324 MEPs favour making right to abortion an EU fundamental right

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324 MEPs favour making right to abortion an EU fundamental right

In a statement by Members of the European Parliament, ‘the backsliding in women’s rights and sexual reproductive health and rights in the US and in some EU member states’ was strongly condemned. 

The MEPs issued a statement strongly backing making the right to abortion an EU fundamental right, saying that it should be included in the EU Chart of Fundamental Rights. 

The decision was voted for in favour by 324 MEPs, with 155 voting against and 38 absenting from the vote. In their statement, the MEPs expressed their solidarity with all women and girls in the US during these times as well as those advocating for such rights. 

‘Given this, they call for the US Congress to pass a bill that would protect abortion at federal level’ the statement read. 

Meanwhile, the MEPs expressed their concerns at a possible surge in funding for anti-gender and anti-choice groups in the world, including in Europe. They thus urge member states to decriminalise abortion and to remove and combat remaining legal, financial, social and practical restrictions hampering access. 

MEPs expect the European Council to meet to discuss a Convention to revise the EU Treaties. This statement comes after Malta did not allow for the termination of a pregnancy for an American tourist on holiday who suffered a miscarriage. 


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