Thousands Turn Up To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Thousands Turn Up To Celebrate St Patrick's Day
Mar 18 2024 Share

Thousands of people convened in St Julian’s yesterday, Sunday 17th March 2024, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a couple of pints, some good tunes and the closest of friends.

Photographs of the events taking place show massive crowds in the area, with streams of people packed and celebrating together.

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St. Patrick’s Day Clean-Up Sees 15 Tonnes of Waste Swept from St. Julian’s

St. Patrick's Day Clean-Up Sees 15 Tonnes of Waste Swept from St. Julian's
Mar 18 2024 Share

In the aftermath of the St. Patrick’s Street Celebrations in St. Julian’s, Clean Malta embarked on a massive cleaning project, clearing 15 tonnes of waste in just four hours.

Minister for Tourism and Public Cleansing, Clayton Bartolo, took to social media to acknowledge the efforts of the Clean Malta team. In his recent post, he shared a few snaps of himself of the dedicated team prepared to tackle the challenge ahead, highlighting the scale and importance of their task.

Moreover, Bartolo, alongside Parliamentary Secretary for Public Cleansing Glenn Bedingfield, visited the site to witness the operation firsthand. This swift and efficient cleanup operation not only restored the area but also demonstrated the effectiveness of organised community efforts in addressing the aftermath of large-scale celebrations.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day in Malta saw tens of thousands of revellers take to the streets of St. Julian’s in green clothing to celebrate the annual event, which seems to be ever-growing in Malta.

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Here’s Who Maltese Prefer For MEP Elections – Times of Malta

Here's Who Maltese Prefer For MEP Elections - Times of Malta
Mar 18 2024 Share

Roberta Metsola emerges as the favoured Maltese MEP candidate in a recent Times of Malta poll, anticipated to secure 19.9 percent of the vote, closely followed by Labour MEP Alex Agius Saliba at 19 percent.

While these two candidates are deemed certain to win MEP seats, others face a tight competition.

Notably, Joseph Muscat, although yet to confirm his candidacy, garnered 3.5 percent of preferences, with Norman Lowell of Imperium Europa at 2.5%.

However, a significant portion of voters (almost 46%) remain undecided. Among them, ADPD’s Sandra Gauci and independent Arnold Cassola secured minimal support at 0.2% and 1.2% respectively.

The survey, conducted by Esprimi, indicates a widening gap between Malta’s major parties, with Labour maintaining a lead. Interestingly, Labour voters express divided preferences, with significant support for Metsola despite party affiliations.

Conversely, Agius Saliba struggles to garner traction among PN voters. Gender and demographic disparities in candidate preferences emerge, with Agius Saliba slightly more favoured among older and male voters, while Metsola garners support among women and those with higher education levels.

Despite uncertainties, candidates from major parties maintain an advantage over third-party contenders, given voter tendencies to support their party’s list.


Netflix Confirms Documentary On Jose Murinho For 2025

Netflix Confirms Documentary On Jose Murinho For 2025
Mar 18 2024 Share

Netflix will launch a documentary series about legendary football coach Jose Mourinho early next year, coinciding with the anniversary of Porto’s historic 2003–04 UEFA Champions League win, marking the beginning of Mourinho’s illustrious career.

Inspired by the success of Netflix’s David Beckham series, which premiered the year prior, this new series serves as a sequel, delving into Mourinho’s journey. Featuring interviews with Mourinho and his former players, the documentary promises unique insights into his coaching methods.

Mourinho disclosed details about the upcoming documentary during his tenure at Roma in early January. He emphasized the confidentiality of the project, hinting at exclusive revelations and acknowledging potential backlash for his decisions.

Notably, he underscored his loyalty to agreements, citing instances where he refused to break commitments despite tempting offers.