Thousands celebrate St Patrick’s Day’s return in St Julian’s – Bernard Grech joins in!

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Thousands celebrate St Patrick’s Day’s return in St Julian’s - Bernard Grech joins in!

After three years of not properly celebrating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands took to St Julian’s to celebrate the long-awaited return of St Patrick’s day.

The holiday, known to attract multitudes of people ready to drink some beer and celebrate donning green hats, was one of the first holidays to get cancelled back when the virus ravaged the entire world. 

But as events seem to be going back to normalcy, people made their way to the entertainment Mecca hotspots to engage in festivity. The St Julian’ local council had even issued a warning to partygoers to not celebrate in the locality.

The warning did fall on some deaf ears however as people congregated outside Big G’s and in Spinola Bay. And they were all joined by Opposition leader Bernard Grech. 

The politician went ahead and took some snaps with those celebrating, as others cheered, drank and some even danced on car roofs. Malta is still technically enforcing virus mitigation measures, but given the easing and the crowds at political rallies, people seemed eager to finally blow off some steam on St Patrick’s Day.


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Minister Ian Borg in London to treat knee condition

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Minister Ian Borg in London to treat knee injury

Posting to social media, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Ian Borg revealed he travelled to London to address an alleged knee injury. It’s not entirely specific what the Minister will be treated for. 

The minister stated that he has travelled to London to discuss with doctors as to how to proceed with care and cure. He said that there are two main ways of how to treat the injury/condition. 

The minister stated that he opted for two operations which will take place in the coming weeks. After this latest medical intervention, things seem to be looking better, said the politician. 

Borg said that he can continue working and campaigning, but doctors emphasised that he should not put too much pressure on the leg. He thanked all the people who wished him a speedy recovery, one of which was PN candidate Toni Bezzina. 

A few days earlier, the Opposition politician posted to Facebook wishing Borg a speedy recovery. ‘Despite the political differences between us, we should never look at political colours when it comes to health’ said Bezzina. 

‘I look forward to meeting you in the coming days so we can continue debating ideas for the good of the Maltese and Gozitan population’ said Bezzina. 

From MaltaDaily, we wish Ian Borg a speedy recovery.


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‘No permits were issued’ for traditional St. Patrick’s Day street celebrations, council says

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'No permits were issued' for traditional St. Patrick's Day street celebrations, council says

It looks like most people in Malta are ready to welcome the return of St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Malta for the first time in a while, but the St. Julian’s local council does not seem to have the same enthusiasm.

A post published by the local council on Thursday morning informed residents and visitors that “no permits have been issued to organized public events re: St. Patrick’s. Public events which are not covered with a permit are illegal.” The council went on to advise that no roads will be closed and that any events organised in local establishments are to be held in accordance with their relevant license.

Towards the end of their statement, the council drew attention to the fact that there are no funds to clean after public events and expressed their appreciation if people would collaborate to keep the area clean – also stating that such a post was issued to highlight the fact that the council cannot be held responsible for any lack of enforcement.

Malta has not seen St. Patrick’s Day celebrations be held in their entirety for years, after being one of the major national events to be impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch our latest Malta Daily Shorts on St. Patrick’s Day:


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Are you planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?


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Maltese bread price will double after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, says PN spokesperson

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Maltese bread price will double after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, says PN spokesperson

Nationalist Party spokesperson Peter Agius has stated that the price of Maltese bread will double amid Russian forces’ invasion of Ukraine and its effects on flour exportation.

In a recent video posted on social media, Agius stated that industry professionals have warned that flour prices are set to increase by close to 60 per cent, drastically affecting bakers across Malta and prices relating to their products. The PN spokesperson went on to state that we have already seen price increases by 10 per cent and further increases will impact Maltese society and individuals with lower income.

Both Ukraine and Russia provide a significant amount of grains, cereals, oils, flours and more resources to most countries around the world and, being one of the globe’s major exporters, the exportation of supplies and their prices will undoubtedly be impacted.

In light of this, Malta’s government has allocated €200 million to tackle the impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Meanwhile, Agius has stated that Malta must make use of its EU membership benefits to ensure prices are not affected.

Watch the video below: 

What do you make of this?


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