This traditional Maltese bakery is giving Nanna’s food a run for its money

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This traditional Maltese bakery is giving Nanna's food a run for its money

If you are a lover of Maltese food and haven’t heard of Nenu the Artisan Baker, then do we have the spot for you. Inspired by the legendary craft of Qormi-based baker Carmel Debono, known as Nenu to his family, Nenu the Artisan Baker is a restaurant which celebrates everything that is Maltese.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu of timeless Maltese dishes ranging from Maltese ftira to stuffed squid, traditional Maltese rabbit and so much more. Basically, it’s like a Sunday lunch at Nanna’s… but better (sorry nanna). Local produce and iconic Maltese dishes with not a single foreign ingredient in site; pair that with a tempting twist of ‘Xarbiet Twal’ (long drinks) and you’re in for an unforgettable meal which will leave you wanting more every time.


The list of ‘Xarbiet Twal’ includes ‘It-Tinsila’, a mix of Apéritif liqueur & Girgentina Frizzante Brut and ‘It-Tambur’ which is made from a gin liqueuer, ‘Il-Bitter’ liqueur, Red Vermouth and Kinnie, amongst others.

As you can see, the mouth-watering selection of traditional Maltese menu items is bold and plentiful and if like us, you draw a-blank at the sight of the menu, worry not because each and every dish has its own unique and delicious selling point which will definitely reel you in. Our personal favourites have to be the ‘Karmni s-Sultana’ ftira which is Maltese bread dough topped with thin sliced potatoes, roast beef, tomatoes, garlic, fresh parsley and sesame seeds as well as the iconic Imqaret dessert, served with the popular Maltese Ta’ Nenu ice cream.

So whether you’re entertaining foreigners visiting Malta or going for a night out with the squad to celebrate your culture with an unmistakable Maltese feast, Nenu the Artisan Baker is a definite must-visit. To top it all of, with the holiday season coming up, it is the ideal location to organise private functions such as staff parties or birthday celebrations. So great food, gorgeous decor, welcoming atmosphere and Maltese culture, what’s not to like?

…but don’t take our word for it, visit their website and take a look for yourself.

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