This hotel is giving us all the summer vibes and here’s why

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Situated in the heart of St. Julian’s, the George Urban Boutique Hotel is a charming, scenic hotspot, deserving of a visit. Right now, a hotel getaway is the closest thing to a vacation we can get and as the sun starts to burn bright on the Maltese islands and the summer breeze starts to emerge, the summer vibes are here. Here’s a list of everything we loved about the hotel’s many facilities and amenities.

After being given a new lease on life in 2019, the Sky Roof Pool & Bar is a summer sanctuary.

If you’re looking for a refreshing dip in the pool or an ice-cold sip of a cocktail, you’ll certainly love this place.

For the ones who enjoy their privacy and want to sunbathe in peace.

These rooms will be found on the higher floors and provide their fair share of privacy and plenty of Maltese sun for those wanting to get a summer tan.

Whether you are a cooking fanatic, health freak or just want to stray away from the take-aways, these studio rooms are equipped with a kitchenette for all your cooking needs.

The hotel’s Vitality Spa is the ultimate relaxation location, including an indoor pool, sauna steam room and massage offers 365 days a year.

They also offer the possibility of customised packages, where patrons can choose their own services to serve their particular needs.

Workaholics take note, among the George Urban Boutique Hotel’s many amenities, one will also find conference rooms, board rooms and a business centre for any kind of work, suitable for linking up with both local and foreign clients.

Other facilities

  • Junior suites for the romantic couples
  • Spacious standard rooms offering huge value
  • High-quality Molton Brown products in every room for guests
  • 24/7 concierge team ready to serve with a smile
  • Located in a charming Paceville area with the best bars and restaurants in St. Julian’s in the vicinity


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227 abortion pills sent to Malta in a year

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227 abortion pills sent to Malta in a year

The group Women on Web has sent 227 abortion pills to Malta between March of 2020 and March of 2021. The group provides medicine for women to end their pregnancies, with Malta being one of the many countries it provides the pills too.

Women on Web is not the only organisation that does this, with another group called Women Help Women providing similar type of medicine. International research shows that Malta is among one of the countries with highest demands for these pills.


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Kim Kardashian West officially a billionaire

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Kim Kardashian West is officially a billionaire.

Kim Kardashian West is officially a billionaire. First mentioned in Forbes in 2011, she boomed to $51 million due to her mobile game five years later. She has now officially joined the World’s Billionaire list for the first time, with Forbes estimating her worth at $1 billion up from $780 million in October.

It is mainly thanks to her major businesses KKW Beauty and Skims, along with her reality television show and endorsement deals that Kardashian managed to make it to the list. She went on to sell 20% of KKW Beauty for $200 million, placing the value at the $1 billion mark. Responding to criticism, Kardashian West wrote ‘Not bad for a girl with no talent’!


Gladiator’s finale tonight has us hyped!

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Gladiator’s finale tonight has us hyped!

The Malta Gladiator Trail has proven to be one of Maltese television’s most captivating obstacle course competitions. Competitors have traversed all sorts of challenges, with some managing to conquer the obstacle course and wielding the victory sword.

Several competitors took on the challenge which aired on 19th of January 2021, but it is now for the finalists to see whether they can traverse the last run through their athletic capability, endurance and skill. Who will emerge victor and be declared 2021’s male and female Gladiator champions? You can find out tonight when the episode airs at 20:30.


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