This adult only Halloween offer is SCARY GOOD!

This adult only Halloween offer is SCARY GOOD!
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It’s almost Halloween and all of the skeletons, ghosts, wizards, and zombies will be out in force to have some fun. Halloween offers adults the opportunity to indulge their fears and fantasies, become someone else and experience 18+ rated thrills.

Lottoland is also embracing the spooky season and offering a surprise treat, that can win you a frightening amount of cash!

X2 EuroMillions Bet (next jackpot: €17 Million)
X2 Keno 24/7 Games (max jackpot: €1 Million)
X2 Hallowin Scratchcards (max win: €50,000)

This shocking Bundle is available to all new and existing customers to scratch, claw and bite their way through. Now that’s one scream worthy offer!

1. Log into Lottoland using this link
2. Pay €6 with your favourite payment method
3. Receive all of the treats above instantly

If that isn’t enough to scare your pants off, this freakishly good deal ends on 31st October at 23:59. So grab this Halloween deal before it disappears.


Lottoland is operated by European Lotto and Betting Limited and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, license number MGA/B2C/609/2018. Players must be 18 or over. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled. Please play responsibly. For help visit rgf.org.mt.

The offer must be redeemed by logging in or signing up through the link provided in the article above. The offer is available to all new and existing customers to claim and redeemable up to 3 times per customer per day. Any unredeemed scratch cards will become void 7 days after being credited if unused. The promotion expires on 31st October 2023 at 23:59 CET. These terms are supplemental to Lottoland’s Promotional Terms and Conditions.

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Where Does The Tax We Pay Go?

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Have you ever paused to consider where your hard-earned tax money goes once it’s collected by the government?

The allocation of these funds is a complex and often misunderstood process, but let’s take a tour through the various types of government expenditure to shed light on this crucial aspect of governance.

1. Daily Expenses: The Backbone of Government Operations (47%)

A substantial chunk of your tax goes towards the day-to-day functioning of the government. This includes paying the salaries of government workers, the upkeep of government buildings, and the costs associated with the administration of the government and its various ministries. It’s not surprising that these operational expenses form a significant portion, making up nearly half of the government’s overall expenditure.

2. Long-Term Investments: Building for a Better Tomorrow (8%)

Another portion of government spending is directed towards long-term investments. These investments are like seeds sown for the future. They include the construction of schools, roads, and hospitals, all of which enhance the quality of life for citizens and create opportunities for them to earn more money, subsequently contributing more tax revenue in the years to come. While this category accounts for just 8% of government expenditure, it plays a vital role in shaping the nation’s future.

3. Help to Those in Need: A Social Safety Net (22%)

Governments worldwide have a responsibility to provide support to individuals in need. This support comes in the form of social security, disability pensions, and similar programs. Approximately a quarter of government expenditure is allocated to these essential safety nets, ensuring that vulnerable members of society receive the assistance they require.

4. Debt and Interest Payments: Meeting Financial Obligations (3%)

When governments borrow funds, they incur interest payments on their debt. A small fraction, only 3%, of government spending is dedicated to servicing this debt and paying the associated interest.

5. Subsidies: Boosting Industries and Products (12%)

Subsidies are a means by which governments provide financial assistance to specific industries or products to stimulate growth or ensure their affordability. This category accounts for a significant portion, comprising 12% of government expenditure.

6. Other Costs: Responding to Emergencies and Extending Aid (6%)

Governments must also set aside funds to respond to emergencies, such as natural disasters, and to provide aid to other countries in times of need. These costs are relatively modest, making up just 6% of government expenditure.

In an ideal scenario, a government strives for efficiency in its spending practices. The aim is to allocate more funds to long-term investments and support for those in need. It’s also crucial for a government to exercise prudence in managing daily expenses, ensuring that taxpayer money is used judiciously and not wasted.


Maltese Boats Shine in Rolex Middle Sea Race

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Over the 44 editions of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, overall victory has been taken by Maltese boats on nine occasions. In the modern history of the race, celebrated local crews have won their class on countless occasions. The Royal Malta Yacht Club actively encourages new sailors, young and old, to take up the challenge of the 606 nautical mile course. For the 2023 Rolex Middle Sea Race, 76 Maltese nationals took part in the race.

The top boat after IRC time correction is Sebastian Ripard’s J/99 Calypso, raced double-handed with Sam Pizzuto. Runner-up in the category is Jamie Sammut’s Solaris 42 Unica. Third after IRC time correction and winner of IRC 4 is the Podesta Family’s First 45 Elusive 2. Congratulations to Lee Satariano’s HH42 Artie, 6th in a high calibre fleet in IRC 3. Artie’s skipper Christian Ripard was taking part in his 33rd Rolex Middle Sea Race, equalling the late great Arthur Podesta’s tally of races.

Entries from the Royal Malta Yacht Club with past experience in the race included the Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation, with crew as young as sixteen and which finished the race on J/109 JYS Jan skippered by Claudio Bugeja. Jonathan Gambin’s Dufour 44 Ton Ton Laferla also celebrated finishing the Rolex Middle Sea Race once again. Maltese boats taking part in their first race included Horst Huelsey & Jonathan Camilleri Bowman racing J/112 OpenPayd Befree, and Simon Xuereb’s Dufour 40 Spirit of the Winds. Royal Malta Yacht Club member, Stefan Debattista has competed in many races, but this was his first race as an owner with IMX 40 Geisha. Noel Grech has taken part previously, but this was a first for his all-Gozitan crew on First 40.7 Gozo Dream.

Sebastian Ripard and Sam Pizzuto, Calypso, were fifth overall in IRC out of 91 boats, second in IRC Double-Handed, and third in IRC 6.

“We are super happy with our result, especially considering this was the first double-handed race that either myself or Sam did!” commented Seb Ripard. “I’m surprised that we managed to find the right pace from the get-go. We slipped into a good watch routine and found the right balance between pushing ourselves and the boat hard and getting enough rest to last the distance and make the right decisions when they needed to be taken. Finally, very proud to be the top Maltese boat – that’s always a nice achievement when racing on home waters!” Sebastian’s wife Carla gave birth to their second child Nico shortly before the race. “Unfortunately I’m fresh out of brownie points! My wife, although always super supportive – but now nursing a new-born, just can’t understand why people would choose to be sleep deprived! So the watch system might need to continue for a few more weeks yet!”

Jamie Sammut and Unica were in a fierce battle with five boats in IRC 5. Teams from Slovenia, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Malta all held the lead during the race. The class was eventually won by the jubilant Slovenian team on Maks Vrecko’s Karpo, second

was Frans van Cappelle’s Dutch team on Moana. Jamie Sammut’s Unica won a huge fight for the final podium position against two JPK 1180s Garm and Cocody.

Aaron, Christoph and Maya have continued the tradition of a Podesta competing in every race since their late Father Arthur Podesta first competed in 1968. Twice a winner of the race overall, in 2019 and 2020, Elusive 2 won IRC 4 this year. “We didn’t have navigation instruments for most of the race, so we sailed ‘old school’ feeling the wind,” explained Christoph Podesta. “During the day it was not so bad, but at night it was overcast, and it became very difficult to hold a course and to keep the sails trimmed. However, we are very happy with our performance in a very competitive class. I have to say, we still miss our father dearly, but he is with us. That is especially true in the way that we sail the boat; he taught us everything. I am glad to say that the oldest of our children, Aaron’s son George, loves coming sailing with us. Maybe in the future we will race with a team that are all Podestas!”

Noel Grech started dreaming about entering an all-Gozitan team for the race in the late 90s along with his friends. This year, after a huge effort, that fantasy became a reality. Gozo Dream completed the 2023 Rolex Middle Sea Race in just under five days.

“We are a bit tired; the whole project took a lot of work, but we are elated to be the first Gozo team to participate in this prestigious race and the feeling has exceeded our expectations. We have really put sailing in Gozo on the map for generations to come,” commented Noel Grech. “It was a tough race as usual and we are really pleased to have got through it. It was a relief to start the race and, also, when we finished it. We have had messages from people as far away as Australia, the United States as well as Great Britain. I hope that this will be the first of many races to come for a Gozo team, I hope that this year’s race is the tip of the iceberg for sailing in Gozo.”

The Rolex Middle Sea Race Prize Giving will take place tomorrow Saturday, 28 October in the impressive Mediterranean Conference Centre, which dates back to the 16th century. Maltese teams will be filled with pride as they are called up to the main stage to receive their awards and, undoubtedly, will receive a huge ovation from the international audience gathered in the spectacular auditorium.


Eddie Fresco drops “DejaVu / Running for Miles” Music Video

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Eddie Fresco is making waves with the release of the music video for “DejaVu / Running for Miles.”

This music video marks the final chapter of the ‘Days in the Sun’ EP, a project that has already seen remarkable success with around 100,000 streams within its first three weeks of release.

“DejaVu / Running for Miles” is not just a catchy tune; it’s a captivating visual journey that delves into the realms of nostalgia and memory. In the music video, Eddie takes us on a poignant trip down memory lane, where he reminisces about the moments he shared with past partners. The video artfully captures these memories, creating a sense of déjà vu as Eddie relives these experiences.

The power of the music video lies in its ability to evoke a range of emotions and resonate with viewers. Eddie Fresco’s storytelling through both his lyrics and visuals is a testament to his artistry and creativity.