Things looking good for Juve after 2-0 victory against Kiev

Oct 21 2020 Share

Coach Andrea Pirlo has claimed his first Champions League victory as Juventus lock their first win against Ukrainian side Dynamo Kiev. 

Morata secured two goals in the second half as Pirlo beats his former Brescia coach, Mircea Lucescu.

Following such a win, things are looking good for Juventus despite Ronaldo’s absence due to self-isolation.


TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae reignited dating rumors

Oct 20 2020 Share

Since December 2019, two of TikTok’s most famous stars, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall, have remained an on-again, off-again influencer power pair. 

The relationship between him and Rae fizzled out over the summer, as Hall was criticised and even fined by the city of LA for throwing huge house parties. But the pair seemed to have reunited, as Rae posted a new video on TikTok and YouTube featuring her and Hall dancing and working together.


‘We will not settle for crumbs’, MEIA reacts to Budget

Oct 20 2020 Share

In its Budget 2021 reaction, the Maltese Entertainment Industry and Arts Association (MEIA) expressed its concern regarding the lack of measures covering the entertainment and arts sectors. 

While it welcomed social measures, the association expressed its disappointment in the government’s alleged lack of focus on the aforementioned sectors. 

MEIA also elaborated on the fact that the only measure specific to the concerned sector is a cultural assistance fund, the fruit of which can only be seen in 2021. 

MEIA also announced that it will call an extraordinary general meeting on the 27th of October.


Anne-Marie is coming out with a YouTube Documentary

Oct 20 2020 Share

On 12 November, Anne-Marie ‘s Youtube Originals documentary, How to be Anne-Marie, will be released. In the forthcoming YouTube Original Documentaries, Anne-Marie is among the many stars where viewers can gain an insight into her personal life and time away from the limelight. 

The ‘Perfect for Me’ singer let the cameras follow her when she emerged earlier this year from the national coronavirus lockdown when she discusses how 2020 could have been for her. She’ll also talk about the stresses of success with friends and fellow artists, including Little Mix.

“I let YouTube into my life over the past few months and I can’t wait for you to see the finished film,” she explained in a statement. “I always try to be open and honest with my fans and what really excites me about this collaboration is that it’s an unfiltered look into my life; from writing and recording to downtime with my friends and family.”