These are the world’s ten best cities in 2021

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These are the world’s ten best cities in 2021

According to international media brand Time Out, world-famous San Francisco has been crowned the ‘world’s best’ city to visit in 2021. Surveying around 27,000 global city dwellers to narrow down the top 10 list, Time Out considered everything from nightlife, cultural highlights, sense of community and even the way the COVID-19 pandemic was handled. Environmental initiatives, commitment to activism and overall friendliness were also examined. 

Time Out applauded San Francisco’s citizens for finding ways to support each other during strict shutdowns. The city’s transition to outdoor dining due to the pandemic is set to become permanent, with Time Out describing it as one big outdoor party. But San Francisco is just one location on this list as there remain 9 other global gems one can explore and be assured of having a delightful experience. 

Caroline McGinn, Time Out’s global editor in chief stated that ‘this year’s list of the best cities in the world shines a spotlight on cities that adapted during a time where the key factors that make these metropolises the place to be – fun, culture and socialising – were largely off the table.’ 

The cities concerned are Amsterdam, Netherlands in second place, Manchester, UK in third and Copenhagen, Denmark in fourth. Another USA city, New York follows suit at fifth place with Montreal, Canada coming in 6th. The list is rounded up by Prague in Czech Republic, Tel Aviv in Israel, Porto in Portugal and finally Tokyo, Japan. 


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Michael Schumacher’s wife breaks 8 year silence on husband’s state

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Michael Schumacher’s wife Corrina has recently broke her 8 year silence on her husband’s state. She told the creators of the new documentary ‘Schumacher’ that the former Ferrari driver is  “different, but here”. Corrina also told them that he “still shows her how strong he is every day”.



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In the documentary, viewers will also see Corrina admit that Michael expressed concerns about the snow conditions before his accident happened. She will also reportedly reveal the reason she has kept private on his state all this time.  She sorrowfully expressed how;“Of course, I miss Michael every day. But it’s not just me who misses him. I mean, everybody misses Michael, but Michael is here. Different, but he’s here and that gives us strength, I find.”

The documentary will not only feature Michael’s family but also many Formula One figures like Bernie Ecclestone and Sebastien Vettel. The documentary will be released on the 15th of September and will give fans more insight into Michael’s career and present state.


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Moving around Malta’s roads safely with Bolt’s e-scooters

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Malta’s roads are notorious for reckless driving and leaving vehicles parked where they, well, shouldn’t be. However, as we try to move towards more sustainable modes of travelling to protect our environment and ourselves, Bolt Scooters can offer a possible alternative. And with this big shift in navigation come various safety procedures which can make travel easier, safer and more accessible. 





Light and fun adventures!

The first true benefit of using e-scooters is their light weight and lack of space they occupy. Venturing with one of these vehicles ensures that streets and public spaces are not congested. This can make roads safer for the disadvantaged such as wheelchair users or people pushing prams. Delivery drivers who have had their hands full delivering your food during the pandemic can also benefit from this safety!





The Art of Parking your Bolt Scooter

Try to park your scooter safely by thinking of it as an art piece. Instead of creating a nuisance by parking it on private property or even blocking a path way, an elegantly settled scooter against an available rack or designated parking zone will not only safeguard other citizens but also highlight a space in a somewhat aesthetically pleasing collection of scooters ready for use. 





Scooters are enjoyed by all!

We can help reduce road incidents by respecting each other’s time and mental state. We are all sharing a street, a road, a passageway, together! If everyone is still fuming about finding their scooter recklessly thrown onto some road side, people are more prone to traffic altercations. The art of parking your scooter can avoid all this and create a better travel experience. 





A green future ahead!

Finally, the scooters themselves are our road (pun intended) towards greener, better-connected cities. The prospect of Bolt scooters should be encouraging for several reasons. We’re protecting the environment and communicating through state of the art technology how to have safer and easier modes of transportation!





Follow this instructional video for more information on moving around safely with Bolt’s e-scooters!


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Woman dies following Gzira motor-cycle incident

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Woman dies following Gzira motor-cycle incident

A woman sadly passed away after she was hit by a motorcycle in Gzira on Wednesday evening. The woman, whose identity has not as of yet been revealed, was hit by a Kymco motorcycle driven by a Zebbug resident aged 43-years-old. The accident occurred at around 2:15 am in Triq ix-Xatt. 

Despite being taken to Mater Dei Hospital for treatment, she was certified deceased after arrival. A police investigation is ongoing, with Magistrate Astrid May Grima being appointed to the inquiry. 


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