“There’s no us without without them”; activists & immigrants protest racism & violence in Malta

"There's no us without without them"; activists & immigrants protest racism & violence in Malta
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A number of migrants and activists took to the streets of Valletta this weekend to protest against racism, discrimination and violence against minorities in Malta.

A number of locals NGOs came together to support the protest organised by Black Lives Matter, with Moviment Graffitti, aditus, Integra and MGRM in attendance amongst others.

Migrants make up 26.5% of Malta’s labour force, with refugees and asylum-seekers in Malta contributing to a considerable chunk of the local economy. Despite this, immigrants face abuse on a daily basis, with stories of racial violence and discourse becoming a mainstay in local media.

Taking to social media after the event, activist group Moviment Graffitti called for respect towards migrants in Malta, stating “there’s no us without them.” 

The group stated that despite the Government’s commitment to build a ‘cosmopolitan Malta’, all the public has received is “half-baked political statements, insulting platitudes, ongoing dehumanisation of black and brown people in discourse, policy, and practice, and an apparent total disregard for their wellbeing.”

What lies ahead for Malta?

Tate, Trump, Ye and more back on Twitter after CEO Elon Musk unbans accounts

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It looks like Twitter CEO Elon Musk has started reinstating previously-banned accounts after controversial figures like Andrew Tate, Ye, Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Kathy Griffin and more are back on the social media platform.

Tate returned on November 18th with a tweet stating  “Mastery is a funny thing. It’s almost as if, on a long enough time scale, losing simply isn’t an option.” Meanwhile, the artist formerly known as Kanye West returned with a tweet stating “Shalom” and a number of others after being banned due to a series of anti-semitic remarks.

Former President of the United States and prospective 2024 candidate Donald Trump was also reportedly unbanned. Despite Musk never being in favour of banning the polarising politician and issued a poll on whether he should be reinstated , Trump showed no interest in returning to the platform.

These moves are the latest in Musk’s series of questionable decisions in his alleged pursuit towards free speech on the platform.

What do you make of these accounts being reinstated?


Bus suffers major damage after falling tree smashes windscreen in Tal-Barrani road

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As a result of strong rain and heavy winds on Sunday morning, a bus in Tal-Barrani Road, Żejtun suffered major damage after a falling tree smashed its windscreen.

Two northbound lanes heading to Santa Luċija were closed off after the tree fell at 11am, with a brick wall also collapsing onto the lane.


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No injuries were sustained, with passengers aboard the affected bus being transferred to another one and dispatched by Malta Public Transport.

Civil Protection officials were on site to assist with the situation, with government cleaning and maintenance officials going on-site on Sunday after noon to clear the debris and reopen the road.


Today’s the day! Here are 5 astounding facts about the Qatar World Cup

Today's the day! Here are 5 astounding facts about the Qatar World Cup
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After years of anticipation, the FIFA World Cup is finally back with its first match taking place today between the host nation of Qatar and Ecuador. The global competition is legendary good reason and with that said, here are some facts about this year’s World Cup!


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It is the most expensive World Cup ever

With a total spend of around $220 billion, with up to $10 billion of that spent on stadiums, the Qatar World Cup is the most expensive World Cup in history.

First World Cup held during Northern Autumn

Every single World Cup before 2022 was held in May, June or July but due to the host country’s intense summer heat, it will be held between November and December.

It marks the first time a men’s World Cup had female referees

Yamashita Yoshimi, Salima Mukasanga and Stephanie Frappart are bringing female representation to the World Cup for the first time ever this year, with three of 36 referees being female.

Qatar is the smallest host country on record

With a population of 2.985 million as of September 2022 and land area of 11,571 square metres, Qatar is the smallest World Cup host country on record.

It hopes to be carbon neutral

Attempting to follow a four-step process of awareness, measurement, reduction and offsetting, Qatar hopes to have a carbon neutral World Cup through involvement of renewable energy sources, recycled material, offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions and more sustainable practices.