The ‘worst cold ever’ is ravaging the UK post pandemic

 - COVID-19 - Oct 11
The ‘worst cold ever’ is ravaging the UK post pandemic

As if we haven’t had enough of viruses, people in Britain are dealing with what many are deeming ‘the worst cold ever’. The numbers of people suffering from the common cold are reportedly on the rise, with experts saying that because everyone’s immune system has had a year off, the seasonal illnesses are making a comeback with longer and more intense effects. The GDP stated that the numbers are higher than they usually are, as many are mingling in a way that was absent for the past 18 months. 

During the first lockdowns, infections unrelated to COVID-19 dropped significantly. The GDP spokespersons suspect this to be because of lockdowns restricting meet ups. Social media is also blowing up with posts about this wave of non-COVID infections. Despite these viruses are usually nothing to worry about, the pandemic is still a very real threat. So medical experts are recommending PCR tests just in case and maybe avoiding contact for a while for anyone feeling under the weather. Whether its COVID-19 or a little sneeze, no one appreciates being the recipient of either. 


Photo Source: British Heart Foundation

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