The Wingsuit by BMW will allow you to fly through the sky

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Alongside its I division, BMW has built this wingsuit, meaning it is entirely electric. It produces 20 HP, but although this might sound complicated, it weighs just 12 kg, so testers who wore the wingsuit flew at speeds of up to 186 km/h (approx. 115 mph) over the Austrian Alpines.

Someone’s average skydiving speed is about 120 mph, but a completely different experience is provided by this wingsuit. Whereas you are aiming for land with skydiving, BMW i’s wingsuit helps you to fly like a one-person aircraft through the air.


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Friends reunion will air in March, Matthew Perry confirms

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Matthew Perry, otherwise known as Chandler Bing, has confirmed that the highly-anticipated Friends reunion will air in March, as confirmed on Twitter. 

Perry tweeted: “Friends reunion being rescheduled for the beginning of March. 

Looks like we have a busy year coming up. And that’s the way I like it!” The reunion was set to air last February, but was held back due to the outbreak of COVID-19.


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Owen Leuellen calls for event regulation & support of local artists

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Maltese rapper Owen Leuellen took to social media to express his opinion regarding the current state of the arts and entertainment industry and the lack of support going towards it. 

Leuellen calls for the slow re-introduction of events with regulations, similar to what is being done in Germany, the UK, USA, Italy and more. 

He went on to ask whether or not the government made enough effort or allocated enough funds.



Beloved Qormi mayor dies at age 48

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Beloved Qormi mayor Renald Falzon has passed away today at 46 years old. 

The Qormi local council took to Facebook to celebrate the life of Renald and express their gratitude towards his constant work for Qormi.

Notable political figures such as Roderick Galdes also posted a heartfelt tribute to Renald, recalling their school days at Liceo Vassalli.


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