The Weeknd’s ‘The Idol’ Cancelled After Just 1 Season

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The Weeknd's 'The Idol' Cancelled After Just 1 Season

HBO has decided to cancel the controversial series “The Idol,” created by Sam Levinson and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, after just one season. 

Despite being one of HBO’s provocative original shows, the decision was reached due to uncertainties about its future. The spokesperson for HBO expressed gratitude towards the creators, cast, and crew for their efforts and the positive audience response. 

The first season, initially planned for six episodes, concluded after only five episodes on July 2.

The show, starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp, garnered attention even before its debut due to production changes and reshoots. Allegations of a toxic set environment were reported in a Rolling Stone article, leading to a public response from The Weeknd. 

However, the series received poor reviews overall, achieving a mere 19% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Variety’s review criticized it as a sordid male fantasy.

While the ratings started with 913,000 viewers, lower than Levinson’s previous HBO series “Euphoria,” they later climbed to 3.6 million viewers within the first week and reached a total of 7 million. 

Subsequent episodes saw a decline in viewership, and HBO chose not to disclose further viewership data during the show’s run. The cancellation decision was made following discussions with the creators and producers, disappointing fans and leaving the show’s potential second season uncertain.


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Fabio Spiteri Injured After Swiss Ultra Triathlon Accident

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Fabio Spiteri Injured After Swiss Ultra Triathlon Accident

Fabio Spiteri, a Maltese ultra triathlete, has unfortunately broken his clavicle following an accident in Seven, Switzerland. 

Spiteri was abroad for the Swiss Ultra Triathlon, the quintuple ultra triathlon which covers around 1,130 kilometres. 

Having completed a similar race back in 2022, Spiteri was raising funds for abandoned animals in Malta, but had his participation in the race cut short after a boy crossed the road without looking. 

Taking to social media, Spiteri explained how he had no time to break as he was cycling fast on aerobars. Broken clavicle and need to do an operation. First Brazil now Switzerland… all that training for nothing. Hard to accept it.’ 

This follows May’s Buzios, Brazil incident, after Fabio was forced to stop from the Deck Ironman challenge due to blisters and a torn muscle. 

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we wish Fabio a speedy recovery!



YouTube SuperGroup The Sidemen are Currently in Malta

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A number of photos have been doing the rounds on multiple social media platforms over the past hours showing YouTube supergroup the Sidemen and acquaintances in Malta.


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Vik, Simon, Tobi and Josh from the Sidemen, together with close friends Chip, Callux and Calfreezy were spotted wandering about the streets of Valletta and a number of other locations. A particular Reddit entry has suggested that Vikkstar123’s wedding will be taking place in Malta. To further fuel the speculation fire, a TikTok post with Vik and his fiancée against a backdrop of Valletta is currently going viral.
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Sliema Residents Protest Waste, Lack Of Enforcement & More

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Sliema Residents Protest Waste, Lack Of Enforcement & More

Taking to the streets, many residents from Sliema protested against the lack of enforcement when it comes to waste management, e-scooter abuse and other social issues impacting the localities. 

The citizens, who met at Fond Għadir, Tower Road Sliema, voiced their frustration about the state of their locality. 

With tables and chairs on pavements, double parkings rendering the roads into single lane use, lack of parking, apartments being occupied beyond their capacity, drainage leakages on bays and in the surrounding waters and much, much more. 

Speaking on behalf of the Sliema Residents’ Association, Astrid Vella said that ‘over the last 10 years, we have increased with almost 3000 apartments, over a 100 permits for restaurants and bars, and have proposals for 11 more hotels.’

‘We don’t need these. We need more funding for our local councils. We are accommodating the tourists that the rest of the country benefits from, but we’re not getting more budget.’ 


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