The Travellers are throwing a TV concert on Christmas Day

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They say necessity is the mother of invention and The Travellers may have taken this to heart with their latest project, a TV concert on Christmas afternoon!

The Gozitan boys will be throwing a production tailor-made for this COVID-era with a Christmas-themed production guaranteed to warm our hearts in such dark times.

You can catch the concert on the 25th of December at 5PM on TVM where The Travellers will be throwing theatre-based performance like no other.


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This Maltese musician brought some friends together for the rock collab we all needed

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As far as the Maltese music scene goes, this has been the year of the collaboration and local musician Wayne Camilleri has brought together an A-list of local artists for one of the biggest collaborations we’ve ever seen.

This marvellous, guitar-shredding masterpiece, aptly-called ‘Friends’ invites Aldo Spiteri, Kersten Graham, Jonathan Ellul, Luke Grech, Peter Borg, Alexander Fenech, Fabrizio Giorgio and Eric Wadge.

If you haven’t already, you can check it out on Youtube right now and trust us when we say, get ready for chills.


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Partial lockdown imposed on Italy during Christmas season after surge in cases

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The Italian Government has ordered a partial lockdown for the whole country during most of the Christmas holidays to control the recent increase of COVID-19 cases, especially in the Lombardy, Veneto and Lazio regions.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated that while it was a difficult decision, it was necessary, with Italy registering the highest number of deaths during the pandemic with a death toll 67,900 up until 18 December.

Measures include the closure of restaurants and restricting the travelling between regions, amongst others.


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Sergio Perez to join Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing

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After a seven-year stint at Racing Point, Mexican racer Sergio Perez is set to join Max Verstappen at the Red Bull Formula 1 team in hopes of taking the team to the next level.

Red Bull’s recruitment of Perez comes at what he calls ‘the peak of his career’ and the racer had previously stated that he would take a sabbatical if he did not secure a spot with Red Bull Racing in 2021.

It is unclear what plans are for Red Bull’s Alex Albon, but Christian Horner had clarify that he will not be demoted to the AlphaTauri team.


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