The Sustainable Baby Box has all new mums and newborns covered

The Sustainable Baby Box has all new mums and newborns covered
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Upon registration of their child at Identity Malta, all new mums will be gifted a box full of sustainable products for their newborns. 

The baby box includes everything from a blanket made of bamboo, reusable nappy and a tote-bag crafted from recycled plastic bottles. A teether, feeding bib, socks and mittens are also included. 

Aiming at introducing sustainable living, the box forms part of a three-month pilot project starting on Monday the 15th of November by the Directorate of Sustainable Development. 

Energy and Sustainability Minister Miriam Dalli announced the ‘You Hold Their Future’ initiative along with parliamentary secretary for citizenship Alex Muscat at Lil’ Ville Childcare Centre. 

Dalli stated how through the Sustainable Baby Box initiative, ‘we want to help nurture a sustainable culture within our households.’

‘We also know that sustainable living may not be easily accessible for everyone, for different reasons’ said the Minister.

‘We decided to take the first step and reach out to help further the knowledge on how it is possible to lead a sustainable life at every stage of our lives. We are doing this also through other support measures targeting not only our families, but also students, youths and enterprises.’

‘In order to reach sustainability in economic, environmental and social terms, we all need to work together’ said Minister Dalli. 


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Activists hold vigil in remembrance of deceased inmates

Activists hold vigil in remembrance of deceased inmates
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Activists, NGOs and academics held a vigil outside the Corradino Correctional Facility in memory of the deceased prisoners and asked for the reinstatement of access to the prison. 

The groups issued a statement saying that ‘the reign of terror instituted by former prison director Alex Dalli is a clear factor leading to this loss of life. His resignation, and far less his self-suspension, will not bring these victims back.’

As mentioned above, the now former director Alex Dalli suspended himself after a meeting with Law Enforcement Minister Byron Camilleri. In his place, Red Cross director Robert Brincau was given the role of prison director. 

The activists are asking Brincau to reinstate access to the prisons to both NGOs and media. ‘Not only will this serve to make the prison administration more transparent, but it would mark a clear departure from Dalli’s horrific methods’ said the group.

The group expressed how we all remain in the dark about the facts leading to the deaths of the prisoners. This despite the internal inquiries that have been launched. ‘Without access to Corradino’ the activists stated ‘it became easier for Dalli to run the prisons without any oversight whatsoever.’ 

Apart from calling for a safe and humane environment for prisoners, the groups are expecting Minister Byron Camilleri to ‘shoulder political responsibility for the findings of the [Ombudsman] report.’ 


Photo Source: Moviment Graffiti FB, Byron Camilleri FB

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These pharmacies are open today from 9am to noon

Here are the pharmacies opening today 9am to noon, 4pm to 7pm
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Here are the pharmacies open today Sunday 14th November 2021 between 9 am and noon;

Attard: St Catherine Pharmacy, Dielja Street c/w St Catherine Street;

Gharghur: Smiths St Albert Pharmacy, Oratory Street;

Safi: Pasteur Pharmacy, Tellerit Street;

Sliema: Mrabat Pharmacy, Mrabat Street;

Zebbug: Santa Marija Pharmacy, 40, Ghasfura Street;

Swatar: Collis Williams – St Mark’s Pharmacy, P.Borg Olivier Street c/w Gianni Vella Street;

Pieta’: St Luke’s Pharmacy, St Luke’s Road;

Swieqi: Penny Lane Pharmacy, Sejjieh Street;

Floriana: Vilhena Pharmacy, 3 St Anne Street;

Marsa: Trinity Pharmacy, 32, Marsa Road;

Qormi: Evans Pharmacy, 96/98, St Sebastian Street

St Paul’s Bay: Health & Co Pharmacy, Erba’ Mwiezeb Street; 

Santa Lucija: Maddalena Pharmacy, Shop 2, Binja tal-Faqqani, Dawret it-Torri;

Cospicua: White Cross Pharmacy Shop A, Block 1, Fuq San Pawl;

Zabbar: Felice Pharmacy, 95, Sanctuary Street;

Birzebbuga: Blossoms Pharmacy, Gurgier Street;

Mtarfa: Mtarfa Pharmacy, 207 St David Street;

Malta International Airport: The ‘8 Till Late Pharmacy (open everyday from 8 am to 10 pm)

Gozo: 9am to noon

Victoria: Azzopardi Pharmacy, Capuchins Street;

Kercem: Sokkors Pharmacy, St Gregory Street 


AstroWorld 2021 – From Tragedy to Conspiracy

AstroWorld 2021 - From Tragedy to Conspiracy
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The tragedy at 2021’s Astroworld, a concert led by rapper Travis Scott, took the media by storm this week. However, what started out as a horrific incident quickly fell prey to a quasi-Satanic panic conspiracy theory.

What actually happened?
When fans surged forward against the stage of the event, dozens were injured and nine people (the latest victim having just passed), aged 14 to 27 were killed. Organisers of what turned out to be one of the deadliest live music events in US history (mirroring something close to Woodstock), are facing barrages of questions and investigations. 

Questions as to why Travis Scott himself continued to perform, as some fans screamed for the event to stop, medics applied CPR to injured event-goers and others danced on ambulances, were also raised. Scott’s partner, Kylie Jenner, also made an appearance, accompanied by her sister and three year old Stormi. Their responses merely fit into the narrative. 

The calamity, unfortunately, was quickly seized by a slew of conspiracy theories pertaining to the nature of the event. Some were calling it a Satanic ritual – with the victims being viewed as sacrifices to some dark, almost devilish, force. But why this hellish twist?

What you need to understand about conspiracy theories – from the mildest to the far more dangerous – is that they are an intense form of coping mechanism. Horrible things happen all the time and it’s very easy for us to find ‘reasons’ for such misfortune and recklessness. These forms of thought have been around for ages – this is not a new phenomenon. 

They give simple answers to complex problems and a certain sense of ‘bonding’ with those ‘in on the knowledge’. This is the appeal but it unfortunately distracts from the real work which needs to be done. The imagery surely didn’t help – everything is warped to fit the grand narrative of the conspiracy. It’s a mythological narrative of heroes and villains, with the ‘enlightened ones’ discovering the truth and ‘winning’ in the end. 

This also shows an utter disrespect to those grieving their loved ones. In this case, 9 very young individuals. When the need to have a story of good versus evil trumps the real investigative work and the human empathy we need to show with each other as people mourn – you know something’s off. Of course this event was meaningful in the lives of many and in the cultural world as a whole.

 But the meaning shouldn’t be ‘there is an evil society sacrificing young blood to some dark entity.’ It should serve as a deeper look into systemic issues which lead to such events unfolding – how do we prevent such issues? How can we help those who need us? It should call forth our humanity through accepting responsibility and offering support, not spiral us into deeper delusion.