The robber emoji never existed but people think it did

 - Science - Oct 25
The robber emoji never existed but people think it did

Do you remember an emoji in black-and-white stripes, signifying the character’s imprisoned status? Are you sure? Well, it turns out that this emoji has never existed in the first place. In a bizarre turn of events, the entire internet has lost it’s mind about the fact that this emoji is in fact non-existent, despite many claiming to have seen it, or even worse, used it in the past. Over 3,330 emojis exist in the character catalogue, but this one isn’t in there… and never has been.

This is a severe case of the Mandela Effect. This is a phenomenon which occurs when several people at a time remember something incorrectly, but their collective memory becomes the accepted version of reality. This goes to show how malleable our memories are. Other such cases of the Mandela Effect include people remembering ET saying ‘ET phone home’ when instead he said ‘ET home phone’, or The Thinker having his fist on his forehead, when actually its under his chin.


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