The Man Behind Malta’s Most Instagrammable Street Is Back On The Ballot Sheet

May 11 2024 Share

Former Żabbar mayor Marc Vella Bonnici also known as the man behind Malta’s most instagrammable street has announced that he is back on the ballot sheets for this year’s election,after not contesting the last local elections.

Vella Bonnici was the mayor of Żabbar from 2014 to 2019 before deciding to take a break from local elections.

In his first and as of right now only stint as mayor his idea of a street filled with colorful umbrellas made headlines not only in Malta but also abroad and also went viral on social media site Pinterest.

What made the feat even more impressive was the way Marc Vella Bonnici managed to bring the two Żabbar rival band clubs together to pull one rope and work hand in hand to make the village they both love even better.

One of the promises that Marc Vella Bonnici has made to the Żabbar locals if he manages to be elected as mayor for a second time is that he will work hard to bring back the beautiful umbrella street back to Żabbar after a less colorful four years without it.


Luxol St. Andrews Crowned Maltese Futsal Champions Yet Again

May 11 2024 Share

Luxol St. Andrews have won the Maltese Futsal Championship for a sixth year in a row, this time beating the University of Malta team over a 3 leg final which only needed 2 games.

Despite coming second in the league stage behind the University of Malta, Luxol had the opportunity to right their wrongs and continue their dominance as the Futsal league champion is decided over a final 3 game series rather than just the league like football.

Luxol comfortably won the first final with a score of 4-1 but decided to make things rather dramatic by winning the second final and thus the league with a score of 4-3 after extra time.

A big congratulations goes to the Luxol St. Andrews Team for winning the championship yet again but also to the University of Malta team who managed to take them all the way.


MCAST Students Threaten Not To Vote If Marks Are Not Given

May 11 2024 Share

MCAST students have yet again been forced to protest and make their voices heard due to marks being reportedly at stake and third-year students not being able to proceed with their thesis corrections.

In order to push the government to deal with the issue and engage in discussion with lecturers and MCAST officials, students have threated to not show up and vote at the upcoming MEP and local council elections set to be held on the 8th of June.

MCAST students are also sharing a poster on social media titled “No Marks = No Votes,” to further push the government into doing something about this issue.

Last January MCAST students had a similar problem when due to directives marks were not given out which led to a massive number of students protesting.

Candidate for Swieqi local council and MCAST student representative Jordan Galea Pace on his Facebook assured the college’s students that no one will be left behind and that he is “ready to take students out of their lectures again if these directives are taken into affect.”


Sarah Bonnici Announces New Song Days After Eurovision Performance

May 11 2024 Share

Maltese music star Sarah Bonnici has just announced a new song, only a few days after her stellar performance whilst representing Malta at the 2024 Eurovision song contest held in Sweden.

The song is called Lose and will be released on all streaming platforms next Wednesday. Bonnici gave her fans something to look forward to posting the cover of the song and also a little snippet of the song.

Lose is written by her and DJ Micimago who is also producing the song.

Sarah’s Eurovision song Loop made the rounds in Malta due to it’s energetic vibe and catchy chorus. However according to televoters and judges it was not enough to send the Maltese through Saturday’s grand final.