The latest AI model can tell if Your Cough Is Covid

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Even if a coronavirus patient has no obvious signs, their cough typically sounds slightly different from the cough of a healthy person due to the effect of the virus on the lungs and vocal cords of patients.  

In order to design an algorithm that listens to these subtle variations, which are normally inaudible to the human ear, MIT scientists used artificial intelligence. According to a study which looked at thousands of user-submitted forced cough recordings over the spring, their model correctly identifies coronavirus patients 98.5 percent of the time, and it is accurate 100 percent of the time when patients are asymptomatic.

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Travis Scott Deactivates his Instagram Account

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James Charles lands Vogue cover

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James Charles tweeted an image, which he later revealed is one of two covers, “I’m on the cover of Vogue” I can’t even believe this is true and can’t wait for you guys to be able to read the whole issue. The influencer revealed that later this week the other cover will debut. The first magazine has the cover line of “The Beauty of Imperfection.” He had teased the cover with a Halloween post calling it “one of the most exciting announcements of my entire life.”


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Couple become the first in the world to get legally married over Zoom

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Scott Marmon, from New York, and Augustina Montefiori, from Argentina, have been together since they first met in Denver in May 2017, but have been a long distance in the last year since Augustine returned to Buenos Aires. 

Scott planned to move to Argentina in January before the Covid-19 crisis shut down the borders. The pair were unable to reunite because they weren’t a married couple, so they planned to get married via video call at a 19-hour ceremony last week.


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