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The Kardashians are making yet another reality TV show

 - Celebrities - Dec 11 SHARE ON:

Like it or not, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been a staple of reality TV for more than a decade and the flamboyant family have become household names.

As 2021 approaches, the Kardashian-Jenner clan look to extend their entertainment legacy with yet another reality series which will be streamed exclusively on Hulu in what will be a multi-year programme.

The premise of the show is currently unknown but one thing’s for sure, the famous fam will surely continue to make the headlines for years to come.


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ReLeaf call for clear decriminalisation of cannabis cultivation

 - Health & Fitness - Dec 11 SHARE ON:

Non-profit NGO ReLeaf have once again called for proper decriminalisation of adult cannabis cultivation by 2021.

The organisation’s call asks that adults can be allowed to grow cannabis at home or develop a ‘social club’ of sorts rather than let the illegal market run rampant whilst also threatening the wellbeing and privacy of consumers.

Malta’s Drug Dependence Act currently states that individuals found in possession of small amounts for personal use my face a fine of up to €100, with a second offence within a 2-year window calling for an assessment on drug dependence and even a three-year prison sentence.


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Buzz Lightyear is getting a spinoff movie voiced by Chris Evans

 - Culture - Dec 11 SHARE ON:

Disney have just announced that one of their most iconic characters, Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear, will be getting a spinoff film in 2022.

The Space Ranger’s origin story will be elaborated in 2022 where the movie ‘Lightyear’ will illustrate ‘the definite story of the original Buzz Lightyear’ in what will be a highly-anticipated return of one of Disney’s most beloved characters.


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New parents will undergo psychological evaluation in upcoming pilot project

 - Local - Dec 11 SHARE ON:

This morning, Family Minister Michael Falzon announced a first-of-its-kind pilot project which will evaluate parents mental health before and after childbirth to ensure stable mental wellbeing.

A midwife will visit the new parents before and after childbirth to analyse their wellbeing and help the individuals transition into parenthood.

In what has been called an ‘avant-garde’ idea by the Minister himself, the pilot project will implement various parenting programmes to establish a positive foundation to parenting.


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