The Harsh Realities Of Rescuing Hedgehogs

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The Harsh Realities Of Rescuing Hedgehogs

Wildlife Rescue Team Malta shared the harsh realities that come with the work by showing the other side of cute hedgehogs and hoglets. 

‘We don’t only get the sweet hoglets’, the NGO stated. ‘Most of our rescues are injured animals, where it’s sometimes touch & go whether they’ll recover and make it through.’

At the moment, there are 3 hedgehogs in particular which are in quite a bad state. ‘Two of them have facial injuries that were quite infected when they were found, and one has a very bad skin infection.’ 

‘Will they respond to treatment and pull through? We can never say… it depends on how long their injuries were there before they were found, but it also depends on the animals’ will. We can only promise that we’ll do whatever we can.’

All the animals rescued by Wildlife Rescue Team Malta are protected species, and it is illegal to keep them as pets. 

If you wish to donate, these can be sent by bank transfer or Revolut transfer on our Wildlife IBAN

MT18 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 353 8289 , Swift code VALLMTMT.


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Fried Egg Jellyfish Anyone?

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Fried Egg Jellyfish Anyone?

Marine biologist Alan Deidun shared images of the now local favourite spotting friend egg jellyfish populating various Maltese waters in large droves. 

Deidun described the jellyfish, known as ‘qassata’ or ‘tal-lampuki’ in Maltese, as turning the waters orange. 

This jellyfish species is notably harmless, with many even taking the time to swim among them due to their harmless nature.

Have you ever spotted a fried egg jellyfish? 

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More Persons Living Illegally In Malta Repatriated

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More Persons Living Illegally In Malta Repatriated

The Malta Police Force has concluded processes which resulted in persons found to be living irregularly in Malta in the last few weeks to be repatriated out of the country. 

Persons living in the country illegally were taken to the Detention Centre and subsequently flown out of Malta, with the police continuing inspections weekly around the island. 

The work was continued on Sunday morning when, in various roads and residences in Ħamrun and Santa Venera, a number of searches by various police sections, assisted by the Detention Services, were carried out. 

Those living illegally in the country were approached and taken to the Detention Centre to begin the repatriation process.

Investigations by the police are ongoing,. 



A New Wave of Doctors Join Malta’s Healthcare Service

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In a momentous event for Malta’s healthcare system, 132 aspiring doctors have taken their first steps into the world of medicine after successfully completing their studies. The nation welcomed these fresh faces to its healthcare sector, with the majority of them, a staggering 109 doctors, having graduated from the esteemed University of Malta. Joining their ranks are medical professionals who earned their degrees from various European universities. Their induction into the Malta Foundation Programme marks the inaugural phase of their medical careers.

The road ahead for these budding doctors is undeniably long and challenging, filled with rigorous training and countless hours of dedication. However, Minister Fearne conveyed a message of encouragement and optimism, emphasising the profound satisfaction that comes from witnessing patients recover and thrive under their care. It is this gratification, born out of their relentless commitment to the wellbeing of others, that will sustain them through the years of service ahead.

In his address to the newly inducted medical practitioners, Minister Fearne underscored the indispensable role played by healthcare professionals in Malta’s healthcare system. He referred to them as the backbone of the country’s outstanding healthcare services, a sentiment echoed by the entire nation. With the utmost confidence in their abilities, he encouraged them to strive for and uphold the highest standards of patient care.

The arrival of these 132 new doctors promises to further strengthen Malta’s healthcare sector, enhancing its capacity to provide world-class medical services to its citizens. Their arrival couldn’t have come at a more critical time, as the healthcare system continues to navigate challenges, both longstanding and emerging. Their fresh perspectives, unwavering commitment, and newfound knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and evolution of Malta’s healthcare landscape.


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