“The government is in no way looking negatively at this situation” – Finance Minister Clyde Caruana

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Following Malta’s grey-listing by the Financial Action Task Force, Prime Minister Robert Abela and finance Minister Clyde Caruana addressed a national conference to tackle Malta’s current situation in the midst of national concern.

“I don’t see why this should be an obstruction to the economy” Minister Caruana said, going on to state that he will, in no way, change Malta’s financial targets or national figures of economic growth.

The Minister stated that much like Malta was amongst the best in the European Union in employment during the pandemic, he assured that the government will mitigate the grey-listing’s impact for families in Malta and Gozo.


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Michelle Muscat’s message to her husband on their 20th anniversary

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Michelle Muscat’s message to her husband on their 20th anniversary

Ex-Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat and his wife Micelle were joined in matrimony 20 years ago today. Celebrating their anniversary with their two daughters Etoile and Soleil, Michelle stated that 20 years ago the couple expressed their love for each other.


Malta grey-listed by Financial Action Task Force

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After undergoing the crucial financial test to avoid ending up on the list, Malta ended up on the Financial Action Task Force’s grey-list. Despite having passed the Moneyval test after introducing a raft of reforms to fight money laundering, the country unfortunately still took the heavy hit as it is allegedly not doing enough to combat financial crime. Malta needed 37 votes to pass but fell short just at 36.

Malta is the first ever EU member state to be placed on the list. The USA, UK and Germany were against giving Malta a pass grade and have been trying to convince other FATF members to take the stance as well.

What does being grey-listed mean? One of the biggest impacts would be that foreign banks would not want to keep accounts with Maltese registered companies, including gaming companies.

Grey-listing would give a negative image to any company and thus would highly impact Malta’s economy. Other countries on the grey list include Iceland, Pakistan, Albania, Syria and Zimbabwe.


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Online shopping has never been so easy with Arkadia Foodstore’s online store

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Online shopping and delivery services have been around for quite a while but it seems as if they have truly EXPLODED in the past few months, with Maltese citizens being offered the possibility of ordering just about anything at almost any given time. While trips to the supermarket are absolutely essential to living a balanced lifestyle and remaining active, sometimes you truly can’t keep up with all of the duties and commitments that life throws at you.

Which is why Arkadia’s online store is an absolute life-saver.


Accommodating delivery across both Malta AND Gozo, Arkadia’s online store maintains the brand’s vision for offering quality, choice and value whilst also providing the ideal customer experience to shoppers across the country. The store is not only super easy to navigate, but also hosts a seemingly never-ending list of products, meaning that you’ll find everything you need within a matter of clicks.

Whether you are breaking a sweat trying to keep up with the kids’ extra-curricular activities, knee-deep in work-related commitments or just need a day to chill out and have your necessities delivered to you, it has honestly never been so easy. To make things even better, deliveries over €50 are absolutely free and will arrive in a timely manner.

Benefit from the daily offers, lower prices and an incredibly convenient, user-friendly experience with Arkadia Foodstore. Delivery hours range from Monday to Saturday between 9AM and 8PM.

…and to make things EVEN BETTER, you will also get a free pack of x6 Kristal Mineral Water or other gifts when spending €33 or more!

About Arkadia

The Arkadia Foodstore vision for grocery shopping is quality, choice and value. We understand that our customers want only the best, but that they also want variety and fair prices. Arkadia Foodstore wants your grocery shopping to be a pleasant experience, not a chore – an experience designed with people in mind. Whether it is our staff, product range, shelving, aisle space or fresh counters we continuously dedicate time and effort to improve our offer.

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