The Flaming Lips hold socially-distanced bubble concert

Oct 23 2020 Share

American rock band The Flaming Lips have held a socially-distanced concert where every attendee was encased in a bubble, literally. 

The concert, held in Oklahoma City, hosted 100 fans encased in inflatable balls. 

Frontman Wayne Coyne stated that he had envisaged this idea long before COVID-19 was an issue and didn’t think it would ever come to life.


Borat 2 drops today!

Oct 23 2020 Share

The sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen’s film ‘Borat’ is finally out on Amazon Prime today and it looks like it may create more controversy than its predecessor.

In an interview with the New York Times, Cohen reiterated the importance of releasing the film before the US election, so it can “remind the women who they are voting for”


€50 fine for anyone caught without a mask today

Oct 23 2020 Share

During today’s public health conference, Superintendent for Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci reiterated the recently-enforced mask laws.

That is, anyone caught without a mask in public places my receive a fine of between €50 and €100, depending on the circumstances.

Prof. Gauci appealed to the public regarding the importance of mask-wearing, even in places of work.

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Reports of delayed clarification following positive testing of COVID-19

Oct 23 2020 Share

Malta Daily has received several reports of individuals having issues of delayed responses with the current contact tracing system.

It has been reported that people who test positive or have relatives that have tested positive are being “left in the dark” without being presented a way forward from health representatives.

The health system is currently under huge stress as Malta currently has more than 1,700 active cases with around 308,000 total swab tests being conducted since the beginning of the pandemic.

Recently, the ECDC has reported that Malta has the second-highest rate COVID-19 testing rate in Europe.

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