The first international-scale indoor swimming pool, will be among the best in the Mediterranean

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SportMalta’s project of the first international-scale indoor swimming pool in the Cottonera Sports Complex, with an investment of €14 million, will be among the best sports complexes in the Mediterranean.

The Minister for Sport Clifton Grima, while visiting the ongoing work on this project said, “It is gratifying that this swimming pool indoor state-of-the-art will be an excellent opportunity for the aquatic sport sector in our country to continue to push forward and continue to contribute to more successes that have been achieved in recent years.”

It was explained that work has been completed on the roof of the swimming pool which is specially made to complement the ramparts and is also intended to absorb external noise, so there is no sound discomfort for the surrounding neighbours.

The construction work on the dressing rooms, offices, control rooms, and rooms for sanitary needs has also been completed.

Part of the project included the construction of a plant room and a tunnel under the swimming pool, through which cars pass, part of the ring road of the complex.

It was also explained that the base is being prepared for the swimming pool which will be one of the highest technology and the iron pillars are being attached to which glass will be attached which will surround the entire swimming pool.

The swimming pool is of Olympic size of 5,000 square meters, with a wooden roof with a length of 44 meters as well as glass walls that cover 44 square meters on each side, and a depth of 2.2 meters. The length meets the requirements from the International Swimming Federation. The pool will be equipped with the best technology including that of bulkheads so that the pool is divided into more than one facility. The floor of the swimming pool will have a function that goes up and down so that the swimming coaches can give their lessons in the water itself.

The CEO of SportMalta Mark Cutajar said, “This project is part of a series of projects that SportMalta takes care of, and through it we will have one of the best sports complexes in the Mediterranean because the indoor swimming pool will complement the -the Pavilion facility, and has space for 400 spectators as well as a conference hall and a cafeteria”.

With this pool, local athletes will no longer be disadvantaged compared to foreign athletes who used to train in an open pool but compete in an indoor pool. With this project the programs within SportMalta will grow and develop into more opportunities for athletes and school children.


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Saudi Arabia bends marriage law for Cristiano Ronaldo & Georgina

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Reports have emerged that Saudi Arabia is prepared the alter its law disallowing non-married couples to live together for Al-Nassr’s new star signing Cristiano Ronaldo and partner Georgina Rodriguez.

The 37-year-old recently revealed that he will join the Saudi Arabian side, effectively becoming the highest-paid footballer in the world as of 2022.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez will be allowed to live together without punishment. The past few months have not been without controversy for the Ronaldo clan, with the Portuguese forward’s turbulent Manchester United exit & subsequent interview with Piers Morgan taking over the media world.

Following his World Cup showing and country’s loss to Morocco during the quarter finals, Ronaldo was the subject of vast criticism and his latest move to Saudi Arabia looks to keep up the heat.

Ronaldo will live with his partner Georgina and children Bella, Alana, Cristiano Jr., Eva and Mateo.


Malta introduces new COVID-19 measures for arrivals from China

Malta introduces new COVID-19 measures for arrivals from China
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In light of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in China, Malta has reintroduced a number of measures at the Malta International Airport for Chinese arrivals.

A new legal notice published by the Superintended for Public Health states that from Monday onwards, all travellers arriving from China must present a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test.

A recent estimate revealed that around 250 million people were infected with COVID-19 in China during the first 20 days of December, with the city of Qingdao reportedly seeing around half a million cases a day.

The is the first time that new COVID-19 measures have been introduced since July 2022.

Are you at all concerned about this?


Women sleep better near dogs than people, new study claims

Women sleep better near dogs than people, new study claims
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A new study has revealed that ‘man’s best friend’ actually contributes better to women’s sleeping patterns, with research suggesting females enjoy a better night’s sleep next to dogs rather than people.

In December, researchers at Buffalo’s Canisius College published a study analysing the sleeping patterns of adult women when sharing a bed with their pets. Data collected from close to 1,000 United States women found that the majority (55%) shared a bed with at least one dog, thirty one percent slept with at least one cat and 57% slept next to a human partner.

The research found that women sleeping next to their dogs slept better than the ones sleeping next to humans as dogs do not disrupt sleeping patterns as often whilst also providing an increased sense of security & comfort.

Meanwhile, cats were as disruptive as humans, whilst also offering a lesser sense of comfort & security than dogs & humans.