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The effects of sleeping less than 6 hours on our brains

 - Science - Oct 25
The effects of sleeping less than 6 hours on our brains

We often hear of doctors recommending people getting around 6 to 8 hours a sleep a night. But what are the effects on one’s brain should one keep a schedule of sleeping less than 6  hours a night? Speaking to the Telegraph, Dr Rebecca Robbins said that just one hour can have a massive difference impacting one’s day. She pointed out how changing our sleep schedules by an hour or longer from one day to the next, the brain receives signals that we are attempting to transition to a new time zone. This makes the next night’s sleep a challenge. Robbins said that the brain produces toxins throughout the day, and the build up of these can lead to some serious consequences.

The accumulation can lead to neurocognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, with people who are sleep deprived having higher risks of colds and flu. Adults, it turns out, need bed time schedules in the same way kids do. Combatting such potential harm can be done by establishing a healthy sleeping pattern, avoiding looking at your phone before you sleep and practicing some visualization before sleep. Anything that can help you fall asleep easier can have massive positive impact on your entire day.


Photo Source: Healthline

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