The beloved Mannarinu Figollini are back right in time for Easter!

The beloved Mannarinu Figollini are back right in time for Easter!
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As the Easter holidays draw closer, Mannarinu Caterers have blessed us once more with their beloved Figollini – a delicacy we’ve dearly missed and can’t wait to bite back into!

Malta is known for the Figolla, a Maltese pastry stuffed with a marzipan like filling and subsequently served as an Easter sweet. Mannarinu’s take on the snack are round, icing-covered minis with sprinkles on top – and they have already made their mark!

Served in the most aesthetically pleasing packaging, the Figolli Bites are an iconic Easter festivities treat made to be enjoyed by more than one person in the full spirit of the holiday. But we know everyone loves to have their own stash!

Mannarinu announced their long anticipated return after their previous successes, and fans with a sweet tooth can visit their Ħamrun store to buy them or even have them delivered to your home just in time for celebrations. 

And while you’re at it, you might be tempted to try out some of Mannarinu’s other expertly crafted bites and maybe bless your family, or even the office, with some Easter treats! 


Photo Source: Mannarinu Caterers FB

FIFA and UEFA ban Russia and Russian teams from all international competitions

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FIFA, the world’s football governing body and UEFA, Europe’s football governing have both banned Russia and all Russian teams from any international competitions.

That means that the Russian national team will not be able to play in this year’s World Cup in Qatar. This news also led to Russian team Spartak Moscow being kicked out of the UEFA Europa League and the Russian Women’s national team  not being allowed to play in the upcoming Women’s European Championships.



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This massive news comes after the outrage from supporters and European nations alike when FIFA announced that Russia would be allowed to play, only without its flag and anthem at neutral venues under the name of its federation — the Football Union of Russia.

Poland, Russia’s supposed opponent in their World Cup playoff, announced that even if it meant risking World Cup qualification they would not have played out of protest against the war in Ukraine. The president of Poland’s football federation, Cezary Kulesza, called FIFA’s previous decision “disgraceful” and “totally unacceptable.”

A joint FIFA-UEFA statement said that“Football is fully united here and in full solidarity with all the people affected in Ukraine,”

“Both presidents (Gianni Infantino and Aleksander Ceferin) hope that the situation in Ukraine will improve significantly and rapidly so that football can again be a vector for unity and peace amongst people.”

This highly awaited decision came hours after the IOC’s suggestion to sports federations and event organisers  to “not invite or allow the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials in international competitions.”

Other sport organizations like Formula One have also acted out against Russia, with the Sochi Grand Prix being cancelled and various rumours coming out that Hass’ main sponsor Uralkali and driver Nikita Mazepin will also not be allowed to feature in the sport.


Government to use €200 million budget aid to reduce Russia-Ukraine induced costs

Government to use €200 million budget aid to reduce Russia-Ukraine induced costs
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In a video uploaded to social media, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana said that the government will be using the €200 million budget aid to reduce costs caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

During the announcement of the 2022 Budget, the government revealed that a sum of money was set aside to allow Malta to address any potential impact on prices increase. The amount daddies up to around €200 million, or 1.4% of gross domestic product. 

Minister Clyde Caruana spoke on the impact which the invasion will have on the Maltese islands, saying that despite the attack seeing increased prices in products ranging from oil, wheat and grain, the government is taking action on reducing these prices.

Over the past week, the discussions about the invasion dominated over any other topic in the media despite an electoral campaign taking place in Malta. Caruana said that many expressed their sadness at the suffering of the Ukrainian people as hundreds seek refuge. 

When there is a war, prices automatically increase. Russia and Ukraine also happen to be two of the largest suppliers in Europe when it comes to these products. Caruana explained the price situation by giving examples on fuel. He said that if the government did not intervene, everyone who currently owns a petrol car would end up paying an additional €5 per week to the €20 that people already pay. Others who own a diesel car would end up paying an additional €6 per week. 

The measure, said Caruana, will help people meet the cost of living and, if the need arises, the government will not hesitate to implement the measure again. 


PN pledges to build new mental health facility close to Mater Dei, says Bernard Grech

PN pledges to build new mental health facility close to Mater Dei, Grech says
Feb 28 2022 Share

During a Nationalist Party political activity held in Antoine de Paule square in Paola, PN leader Bernard Grech stated that the party is presenting proposals which are thought to believed address quality of life.

Grech highlighted the Nationalist Party’s prioritisation of mental health needs, especially amongst youth, going on to highlight that consciousness and mental wellbeing are important from a young age. For that reason, Grech accentuated, the Nationalist Party will be seeing to the closure of the Monte Carmeli facility in Attard and building new mental health facilities close to Mater Dei Hospital. The Monte Carmeli building will be transformed into a different establishment which will also tend to the needs of the Maltese public.

The PN leader reiterated that, together with various industry professionals, a Nationalist Government will see to a ground-up overhaul of mental health treatment in Malta which will focus on support, community treatment and collective responsibility against stigma on mental health.

What do you make of these proposal?