‘The Batman’ director releases chilling deleted scene revealing new Joker

'The Batman' director releases chilling deleted scene revealing new Joker
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Following the worldwide release and distribution of director Matt Reeves’ take on ‘The Batman’, Reeves has released an eerie deleted scene which sees Barry Keoghan’s Joker come face to face with Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

The Joker character has carried prestige ever since Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning portrayal of the movie madman and actors have had big shoes to fill ever since. After Ledger, Jared Leto’s notable portrayal certainly did grab the attention of DC fans for his colourful and eccentric take but it was Joaquin Phoenix who truly showed another side to Joker, securing him a well-deserved Oscar for his performance.

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Fast forward to 2022 and fans have been gifted a glimpse of Irish actor Barry Keoghan delivering a Hannibal-esque take on the clown prince of Gotham in a way we have never seen before. Menacing, dark and eerie, this deleted scene has been raking in praise for Keoghan’s portrayal and if those few minutes are anything to go by, we can’t wait for what comes next.

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European Champions Italy fail to qualify for World Cup again

Mar 24 2022 Share

European Champions Italy have gone from cloud nine to World Cup misery once again, in a matter of months. The Azzurri failed to score in a must win game against up and coming side North Macedonia who defended like their lives on the line.

The Macedonians will now be hoping for another surprise win, this time against a Cristiano Ronaldo led Portugal who beat Turkey 3-1. If they manage to beat Portugal, they will go to their first ever World Cup.


The game was dominated by the Italians with them having around 32 shots compared to North Macedonia’s 4 and also winning the battle in possession, gaining 66% of the ball. Unfortunately for Azzurri fans the attack massively let them down with  attackers such as Lorenzo Insigne and Ciro Immobile failing to challenge the goalkeeper and Domenico Berrardi missing numerous chances that could have easily given Italy the lead.

The first goal of the game finally came in the 92nd minute when Macedonian winger Aleksandar Trajkovski stunned the entire football world and managed to find the back of the net. The ball was calmly placed in the bottom left corner, with Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma not being able to prevent it.

This loss will certainly be felt not only by Italians, but  millions of Azzurri fans worldwide. This will mean that Italy’s next potential World Cup match will be in the year 2026, 12 years after their last World Cup match against Uruguay in the 2014 Brazil World Cup.


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“Saturday is a test for the PN and the Maltese people”; Bernard Grech addresses PN rally

"Saturday is a test for the PN and the Maltese people"; Bernard Grech addresses PN rally
Mar 24 2022 Share

Addressing Nationalist Party supporters in the thousands at St. George’s Square in Valletta, PN leader Bernard Grech said that the people’s ‘test’ is on Saturday, going on to ask whether “we will continue to congratulate the abuse of power which we have seen till today or whether we will say that that is enough.”

Grech stated that the election on Saturday is not only a test for the Nationalist Party but a test for the people of Malta – a decision which they will take to the voting hall. He went on to sarcastically argue that Labour leader and Prime Minister Robert Abela ‘told us’ that he needs €28,000 per month for working weekends, then went on “to take another €80,000 for working during weekends […] then wanted a home in ODZ and use his power to pay the price – we paid the price.”

Referring to recent news that Junior College will no longer require an obligatory pass in core subjects, Grech stated that Abela discarded the Maltese language when changing the requirements, and shrugged the media by refusing to give interviews to journalists.

The PN leader took a brief moment to ‘address the people as a father’, stating that he wants a better Malta for his children and the Maltese people before going on to state that the people cannot fail to realise that democracy in Malta is once again at risk.

“Do not fear, do not let anyone discourage you, this is the hour of the Maltese and Gozitan people.”

Grech told the people to go and vote all Nationalist Party candidates, calling Saturday’s election ‘crucial’ Malta’s future.

Watch the full event below:

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Robert Abela sheds tear on stage as he thanks Lydia and Giorgia Mae during emotional speech

Robert Abela sheds tear on stage as he thanks Lydia and Giorgia Mae during emotional speech
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This evening, Labour Party supporters in the thousands took to the MFCC in Ta’ Qali to welcome Prime Minister Robert Abela for his final rally address ahead of Saturday’s official election date.

Upon taking the stage, Abela took a moment to thank his wife Dr. Lydia Abela and daughter Giorgia Mae for their support and inspiration, shedding a tear on stage during a very emotional moment at the Labour rally.

During his speech, the Labour leader stated that the moment has come to decide the future of this country, asking how much do the people truly care about the society they form part of and the potential of the country they live in. He went on to state that the Labour Party is offering faith for Malta, promising to overcome every obstacle as they have done already whilst appealing to the people to look to a future of strength and unity.

Referring to Bernard Grech, Abela asked, if someone is ashamed of claiming his country, “how can he lead it?”

Amid thunderous applause and chants, Abela stated that he alone cannot do anything and requires the trust of the people to continue changing Malta for the better, to nurture unity and go beyond the politics of separation.

Hoping to secure his first official mandate as Prime Minister, Abela stated that he is ready to learn and enact “whilst others remained the same and will continue to remain the same.”

Watch the full event below:

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