The bare-chested Switzerland fan who went viral

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The bare-chested Switzerland fan who went viral

A fan’s hilarious reactions as he stands shirtless in the stands have gone utterly viral. He was first seen wearing a bucket hat, Swiss top and glasses as he looked on as France dominated the match 3-2 in the 90th minute. A minute later however, he was caught roaring topless after Mario Gavranovic racked up Switzerland to 3-3. As Switzerland made a massive comeback and knocked out the world champions during penalties, the fan’s emotions were highlighted as a representation of football fans worldwide. 

Luca Loutenbach, the man in question, has allegedly also been offered a paid ticket to fly him to St Petersburg to watch Switzerland vs Spain.The switch from clenching a shirt desperately to the utter release of passion in just under a minute has been labelled by fans as pure love for the game. 


Photo Source: GiveMeSport, ABC

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Fabrizio and Claudia Faniello join forces for ‘Another Summer Night’ remix

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Fabrizio and Claudia Faniello join forces for ‘Another Summer Night’ remix

Fabrizio Faniello’s Eurovision hit ‘Another Summer Night’ competed in the grand competition two decades ago back in 2001. And now it’s back but with some musical twists. Embracing electronic beats, the new edition of the track also features Fabrizio’s own sister Claudia who herself represented Malta as ambassador for Eurovision. 

With a lyric video on YouTube, the song is accompanied by a whole list of ‘Another Summer Night’ remixes on Spotify titled ‘Another Summer Night (2K21 Jubilee Remixes). You can now listen to the original track, sing a long yourself or simply jam to one of the newest remixes of the song as summer continues to roll on. 


Photo Source: Fabrizio Faniello FB, Claudia Faniello FB

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WATCH: Maskless fights in St.Julians in new footage

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Maskless fights in St.Julians in new footage

Footage shows a group of people engaging in what seems to be another fight on Maltese streets – this time in the Paceville area. The group, which is reportedly not wearing masks, are engaged in a physical conflict next to a taxi car. 


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This video comes after several similar footage surfaced of physical confrontations in Malta in various locations. Paceville’s Entertainment Mecca was also recently featured as having huge crowds gathered in it, followed by a large scale brawl. People going to Paceville are now allowed to stay in clubs and bars up until 2 a.m, after which health restrictions necessitate they close. 


Source: Luvanor Oliver

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Labour with 56% popular support in new Vincent Marmara survey

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Labour with 56% popular support in new Vince Marmara survey

Statistician Vincent Marmara posted the results of a survey he conducted between the 25th of June and 1st July regarding the popular support of Maltese political parties. In it, Marmara shows how the Labour Party currently possesses 55.9% of popular support whilst the Nationalist Party ranks at 42.4%. Other political parties rank at 1.7%. 

Comparing the statistics to the results of the last general election in 2017, Marmara revealed a 0.9% increase for the Labour Party, a 1.3% decrease for the Nationalist Party and even a 0.4% increase for the ADPD or others. With 830 persons as sample studies, the research boasts a 95% confidence level and has used the Multiple Imputation Technique. The survey also has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4%. 


Photo Source: Vince Marmara FB, Bernard Grech FB, Robert Abela FB

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