The 5 stages of receiving stipend every student in Malta experiences

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Now that the scholastic year is in full swing ahead of the Christmas holidays, one very important date approaches – the first stipend of the year. Like something out of the movies, the word ‘stipendju‘ begins to echo across the walls of post-secondary institutions around Malta and Gozo and let’s face it, few scholastic experiences are as sweet as the first stipend of the year. That being said, here are the 5 stages of receiving stipend every student experiences.

“Daħal l-istipendju”

When the very first person receives word that stipends are in, news travels faster than the speed of light and the halls of educational institutions across Malta & Gozo begin to reverberate with the sounds of excited students.

“Let me check just in case”

Whilst hopeful that your €100-or-so stipend payment has entered your bank account on stipend day, a little bit of doubt still remains so you decide to head on down to the ATM to check for yourself.

 “Just notes”

Every student does this. Especially on the day of stipend number one, each and every student attempts to convince themselves that they will not burn their newly-received finances on frivolous things and dedicate them solely to books and notes. Yeah, right.

“Ok maybe just €10”

Few banknotes are as crisp as the very first €10 withdrawn from the first stipend of the year. Whether it’s spent on a slice of pizza or can of Red Bull, students can’t help but feel a bit of Elon Musk vibes on stipend day.

“Vodka Woo Woo please”

This is the moment all logic and reason go out the window and you find yourself in a very familiar Paceville street with a bright red drink in hand, part-financed by your newly-received stipend.

Have you ever been through these five stages?


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Former PN parliamentary secretary Tony Abela passes away

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Former PN parliamentary secretary Tony Abela passes away

Former Nationalist Parliamentary Secretary Tony Abela has sadly passed away at the age of 66. 

Abela, son of former MP Sammy Abela, was Parliamentary Secretary in the office of the prime minister between 2003 and 2008.

Responsible for national defence, he was first elected back in 1987, then in 1996, 1998 and 2003. Making it into parliament in a 2015 casual election, Abela did not contest the last general election. 

Tributes poured in for Tony by many political figures including EP President Roberta Metsola, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech and President George Vella.

Former PN leader Simon Busuttil praised his role as a PN member in Rabat, as well as the Rabat Ajax football club after having led it in the 1980s. 


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Tequila secret to happy long life says 101 year old woman

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Tequila secret to happy long life says 101 year old woman

We may have actually found the elixir of life as a 101 year old woman has revealed that the secret to such a lengthy life is nothing else but tequila. 

Mary Flip, resident of Arizona, was born in 1921 and has seen everything from World War II to the Great Depression. And the one thing that got her through all this was the alcoholic drink.

Mother to six children, she spent her early life in Illinois but moved to Mexico to marry after her mother and sister sadly died. There she worked as a rancher before returning to Chicago. 

She went on to become an artist and well-known for her humorous character. The latter element might raise some questions about her ‘tequila’ response, but hey, no one’s really questioning her. 

However, tequila might not be the only potion of immortality. Mary has revealed that she treats herself to her favourite beer, a Guinness, on every birthday she celebrates. 



Malta named one of the most desirable islands in Europe

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30% boost in tourists and awards for Malta during Wanderlust Awards

Attending the Wanderlust Tourism Awards, Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo announced various exciting achievements for the sector as it recuperates from the pandemic. 

Bartolo firstly announced how Jet2.com and Jet2holidays will be increasing the amount of tourists making their way to Malta by 30%. ‘This means an increase in the amount of flights between Malta and the UK’ he explained. 

Apart from this, the Minister revealed on Facebook that our island was awarded the silver classification in the ‘Most Desirable Island (Europe) 2022’ by Wanderlust Travel Magazine. 

‘This success is due to the important work being done by the Malta Tourism Authority away from our shores’ said the Minister.

Whilst there, Bartolo highlighted the presence of VisitMalta all over the UK, saying that the logo and brand appear all across the UK via the traditional taxis. 


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