Tattoos and other proposals ahead of election by Malta Police Union

Tattoos and other proposals by Malta Police Union
Feb 24 2022 Share

A series of 28 proposals are being made by the Malta Police Union for the consideration of the political parties. 

Published on Thursday, the proposals are aimed at improving the working conditions, environment and professionalism of the members in the force. 

The proposals include calls to allow members to sport tattoos, the increase of the current 48 hours maximum arrest limit to 72 hours in serious cases like armed robbery or homicide, and even a revision of the police pension every three years.

The proposals are also calling for a private, paid for, health and life insurance, mobile computers in all police cars as well as annual scholarships for members of the force.

They are split into proposals with financial implications, proposals of an administrative nature and general proposals, each dealing with specific calls in regards to the force. 

You can read more about the proposals in the document here. 


Australian reboot of ‘The Office’ in the works with female-lead

Australian reboot of ‘The Office’ in the works with female-lead
Feb 24 2022 Share

Plans for a female-centred version of ‘The Office’ are reportedly underway in Australia, making this the third official spin on the cult classics.

The Office had both UK and US versions, and both acquired massive fan bases following their wit, humour and filming styles. 

It has even been adapted for numerous markets across the world, from Chile to Israel, and it seems the Australian version will have a number of comedians and actors being approached for the series.

IIt is well known for its incompetent bosses, with Ricky Gervais taking on the role of David Brent in the UK and Steve Carell bringing well-meaning but clueless Michael Scott to life in the US.

The Herald Sun is now reporting that the lead role in the Australian version is set to go to a woman, with comic Magda Szubanski being considered. Other stars being considered include comics Isla Fisher and even Jim Jeffries. 

Szubanski is best known for her work in Kath & Kim as well as the Babe movies whereas Fischer starred in Now You Se Me. As for Jeffries, he is a well-known Australian stand-up comic. 

Fans have already started speculating, anticipating a new run of their favourite sitcom. Some were put aback by the idea however, saying that the US and UK versions were pure gold and a new show could tarnish that reputation. The UK version ended back in 2003 whereas the US show aired in 2005 and ended in 2013. Both won numerous awards, including Emmys and BAFTAs. 

The series also gave rise to several popular meme fonts, memorabilia and a fandom which reruns the series as if it’s their life source. It would be interesting to see the direction the Australian version takes the Office. 


Robert Abela and Bernard Grech react to Ukrainian crisis

Robert Abela and Bernard Grech react to Ukrainian crisis
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As the Russian-Ukrainian crisis unfolds, Malta’s Prime Minister and the Opposition leader took to social media to react to the horrific news of the unfolding conflict. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela, who will be attending a meeting in Brussels today and missing events relating to his election campaign, said that; 

‘The tension in Ukraine and the possibility of a military attack has been persisting for quite a while. However, the scenes we are witnessing right now are deeply saddening.’

‘We never wished to witness the invasion attempt of parts of Eastern Ukraine and those being reported occurring towards the West in Kyiv. The road we have always taken, one of diplomacy to reach solutions and safeguard peace through dialogue, is the one we will keep preferring. We have always insisted that dialogue and the reaching of solutions are always better than any conflict.’

‘As European leaders we will be meeting in Brussels later on today. We will keep giving help and showing solidarity with Ukraine. We also condemn any aggression or threats towards the integrity and sovereignty of this state.’

Bernard Grech spoke up as well, captioning a photo of a protest in solidarity with Ukraine. ‘I condemn the Russian aggression in Ukraine as it goes against the international treaties and the territorial integrity of Ukraine which Malta insists be respected.’

‘I believe that Malta must support with full effect the European efforts for a coordinated response through economic sanctions. I believe that the Maltese populations, along with the European ones, must be kept informed about these sanctions and their effectiveness.’ 

‘We are worried that the escalation of tensions in the region through Russian aggression in Ukrainian territory will have impacts beyond the region. We therefore also require a coordinated effort on a European level so that together we ensure that these effects have the least amount of impact on the livelihoods of Europeans and Maltese.’

‘This is an utterly horrific moment, a delicate moment and a threat to the stability in Europe and around the world.’ 


‘We will hold the Kremlin accountable’ – Roberta Metsola

‘We will hold the Kremlin accountable’ - Roberta Metsola
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European Parliament president Roberta Metsola commented on the escalating violence by Russia on Ukraine, saying that ‘we will hold the Kremlin accountable.’

In a tweet on Thursday morning, Metsola stated that the EP strongly condemn Russia’s unjustified attack on Ukraine. In these dark hours, our thoughts are with Ukraine and the innocent women, men and children as they face this unprovoked attacked and fear for their lives.’

This comes just moments after Ukraine came under Russian fire and land invasion along its northern and southern borders. With Ukrainian forces returning fire, explosions were heard across the country after weeks of intense diplomacy and sanctions failed to deter Vladimir Putin.

Russia had amassed between 150,000 and 200,000 troops along the borders of Ukraine. EU leaders are to hold a snap summit late Thursday, with Metsola also participating in chairing a conference of presidents. 

The EP will be outlining to leaders the new sanctions, which will add to an initial round of sanctions imposed on Wednesday. 

It has also been confirmed that Prime Minister Robert Abela will be attending an urgent European Council meeting which was convened by President Charles Michel. This means Abela will have to skip a day of his election campaign to attend this Brussels meeting.