Sweden declare sex as sport; to host ‘European Sex Championship’

Sweden declare sex as sport; to host 'European Sex Championship'
Jun 4 2023 Share

Sweden has made a bold declaration, officially recognising sex as a sport and unveiling the “European Sex Championship.”

The competition will feature sex sessions of up to six hours, pushing the boundaries of physical endurance and celebrating the art of connection. Commencing on June 8th, the championship will span six weeks, attracting participants from across Europe. Couples will engage in sessions which will test their chemistry, knowledge, and stamina.

While critics may argue about the blurring of lines between sports and intimate experiences, proponents of this move believe that embracing sex as a sport promotes a healthy and open dialogue about sexuality, consent, and sexual well-being. Sweden’s bold declaration challenges societal norms and encourages a broader discussion on pleasure and personal connections.

Of course, people didn’t hold back from reacting on social media, with some applauding the decision as forward-thinking and encouraging discussion whilst others joked at the fact that sex could soon become an Olympic sport.

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Malta’s bee population drops by 50% from last year due to hornets

Malta's bee population drops by 50% from last year due to hornets
Jun 4 2023 Share

A passionate group of agriculture enthusiasts in Malta is calling for immediate action on the hornet crisis before it reaches catastrophic levels. In a recent social media post, the group revealed that Malta’s bee population has dropped by a shocking 50% from last year due to the relentless hornet invasion.

The group emphasised the urgent need to protect the bee population, as bees play a vital role in pollination and the agricultural sector.

Back in May, local pest expert Arnold Sciberras ‘The Exterminator’ told Malta Daily that Malta will experience a significant problem with hornets this summer. As a result of hornet queens breeding, the island will see a larger nests and more hornets, posing a significant risk to people and pets.

When stung by a hornet, it is recommended that one immediately cools the area and seeks medical help, with hornets stings potentially causing severe allergic reactions.

To avoid a hornet infestation in one’s home, locals are encouraged to maintain proper hygiene indoors, especially with regards to food debris, as hornets are attracted to sweet and savoury smells. Windows are also suggested to be kept closed and, if ever a hornet’s nest is spotted, it is recommended to seek professional help due to the creatures’ aggressive nature.

Have you spotted a hornet yet?


Malta wins Small States Games for the first time ever, securing 38 gold medals

Malta wins Small States Games for the first time ever, securing 38 gold medals
Jun 4 2023 Share

In an incredible feat, Team Malta won the Games of the Small States of Europe, closing off the jam-packed week with 38 gold medals, 30 silver medals and 29 bronze.

This is the first time that Malta won the small states games, with the next best results being a fourth place finish in 1993, 2003 and 2011.

With a total of 97 medals in five days, Maltese athletes put on a show of athletic skill and determination, defeating fierce competition like Cyprus and Luxembourg to land their country’s first GSSE victory.

Cyprus closed off the games with 30 gold medals, 28 silver and 29 bronze.

Of course, the athletes’ exceptional performances did not go uncelebrated, with Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech, amongst many others, going out to show their support towards Malta’s athletes.

Congrats Team Malta!


Photo Credit: Michael Azzopardi & Leonard Cocks via GSSE Malta 2023

Ongoing abortion law debate in Malta once again takes centre stage 

Jun 3 2023 Share

Malta’s Prime Minister, Robert Abela, has spoken out about what he described as a case of social injustice, involving a mother who was recently condemned in court for undergoing an abortion. The Prime Minister expressed his concern over the circumstances surrounding the case and acknowledged the need to revisit the ongoing abortion law debate in Malta.

The woman at the center of the case was reportedly in an abusive relationship and faced mental health issues. The court’s ruling has ignited a renewed discussion on the sensitive topic of abortion within the country. Prime Minister Abela, in his statement, expressed his discomfort with the situation and recognised the need for a thorough examination of existing laws and their implications.

Abela noted that the case raises important questions about the rights and well-being of women in Malta who find themselves in similar distressing circumstances. The Prime Minister emphasised the importance of understanding the underlying complexities that contribute to such situations, including mental health challenges and abusive relationships.

The Prime Minister anticipated that the court’s ruling would generate a significant wave of comments and debates within the country. He stressed the need for a comprehensive dialogue on the issue, urging the public and lawmakers to engage in open and respectful discussions to find a balanced and compassionate approach.

Abortion has long been a contentious topic in Malta and the recent court case has reignited calls for a review of the country’s legislation, with advocates arguing for a more inclusive and compassionate approach that takes into account the unique circumstances faced by women in distressing situations.

Posting Robert Abela’s comments on social media, Labour MP and CEO Randolph De Battista said that Malta cannot continue to turn a blind eye on situations like these.