Suspected terrorist attack at Notre Dame Basilica

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At least two people were killed in a knife attack in Nice, France as the local mayor has ruled a potential ‘terrorist’ attack. 

The incident occurred at the Notre Dame Basilica on Thursday where the attacker was shot by officials and taken into custody shortly after. 

Nice medics are currently trying to save the life of a third victim who tried to escape.


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Schools must remain open as France announces new lockdown

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As Europe continues to feel the effects of COVID-19, France is the next country to announce new lockdown measures to decelerate cases.

Effective from Thursday night up until the 1st of December at the least, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the closure of bars, restaurants and non-essential business. 

However, schools will remain open as students will carry on with their curricula as well as factories and certain public services to avoid irreparable economic damage.


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Up the Reds! Rashford scores hat-trick as United celebrate 5-0 vs. Leipzig

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Marcus Rashford has been making the headlines time and time again recently, as he scores a Champions League hat-trick against RB Leipzig following the announcement of his free meals campaign.

As a result, United celebrated a 5-0 win at Old Trafford against German side RB Leipzig.

Rashford looks to maintain his momentum as United are schedule to face Arsenal on Sunday 1st November.


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Scare of the year? Check out what happened on this bus stop!

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Malta has had its fair share of scares and spooky decorations in the past years and 2020 is no exception. 

The spookiest event of the year just got spookier as we have witnessed what could be the scare of the year. Unsuspecting commuters stood silent as they witnessed a creepy white bride traverse the bus terminal screens when all of a sudden, the bride herself emerged from white smoke, sending commuters into a frenzy.

Don’t believe us? WATCH HERE:

Spooky Candid Camera Pranks Marsascala Bus Terminus For Halloween

While unveiling our spanking new teched-out bus terminals around Malta and Gozo, streetmedia decided to celebrate Halloween in a rather unorthodox way… pranking commuters with a good old scare. Boo! 👻

Posted by Streetmedia Malta on Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The scare-of-the-year contender was orchestrated by Streetmedia Malta, an organisation specialising in giving terminals a well-deserved level-up.

Streetmedia Malta offers an innovative Out of Home Advertising service which provides state-of-the-art bus terminals equipped with free Wi-Fi, ATMs, vending machines, you name it!

Their terminals also feature 4K 75-inch advertising displays and multiple strategically-positioned 49-inch interactive screens, guaranteeing maximum visibility for both commuters and passers-by.

Want to level up your brand? Head to Streetmedia Malta’s website.


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