Suq Tal-Belt Applauded For Restoring Red Telephone Box

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Suq Tal-Belt Applauded For Restoring Red Telephone Box

Lots of praise was levied at the Suq tal-Belt Valletta Food Market for restoring the red telephone box in its rightful place.

A post uploaded by Deputy Mayor Ray Azzopardi shows the iconic capsule situated once again at the entrance to the food market, which is visited by hundreds of Maltese and tourists alike. 

The telephone box had been present there prior to the market’s setting up, with many from older generations vividly remembering the landmark.

It will now be part of the Food Market’s future going forward. The reveal was met with lots of positive responses, applauding the team behind the market’s management for the restoration. 


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Plane Crash Reportedly Kills Wagner Group Leader Prigozhin

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Plane Crash Reportedly Kills Wagner Group Leader Prigozhin

The leader of the Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who previously attempted to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authority, was among the casualties in a fatal plane crash. 

The crash occurred two months after Prigozhin’s failed rebellion, which posed a significant threat to Putin’s leadership. 

The private plane was en route from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, and all 10 individuals on board, including three crew members, tragically lost their lives. The Russian aviation agency confirmed Prigozhin’s presence on the plane, along with Dmitry Utkin, a figure associated with Wagner’s activities and alleged ties to Russian military intelligence. 

Telegram channels linked to Wagner shared unverified footage of the burning wreckage.

The incident has prompted a special investigative commission by Rosaviatsia and an inquiry by Russia’s Investigative Committee into the crash. As of now, eight bodies have been recovered from the crash site. 


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India Makes History As It Lands Spacecraft On Moon’s South Pole

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India Makes History As It Lands Spacecraft On Moon's South Pole

India has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first country to successfully land a spacecraft near the Moon’s south pole. 

The unmanned Chandrayaan-3 mission accomplished this feat, marking a major achievement for India’s cost-effective space program. The landing took place at 6:04 pm India time, following a previous failed attempt four years ago and amidst a recent Russian probe crash in the same region. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated the success, highlighting its global significance and extending the achievement beyond national borders.

Chandrayaan-3’s journey garnered widespread attention, with political figures and schoolchildren alike invested in its progress. 

The mission’s cost of $74.6 million underscores India’s ability to conduct advanced space missions at relatively lower expenses. The achievement builds on India’s prior successes, including the 2014 Mars orbiter mission, and aligns with its plans for a crewed mission in Earth’s orbit.

The landing not only brings India closer to the ranks of space powers like the United States, Russia, and China, which have previously achieved controlled Moon landings, but also contributes to scientific knowledge by exploring the relatively uncharted lunar south pole. 



Tributes Pour In After Passing Of 17-Year-Old Ayrton Ellul

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Tributes Pour In After Passing Of 17-Year-Old Ayrton Ellul

Members of the local community are taking to social media on Wednesday afternoon to bid farewell to 17-year-old Ayrton Ellul following the tragic news of his passing.

Members of Parliament Omar Farrugia and Julia Farrugia Portelli were amongst the many to share the sombre news, with Farrugia calling Ellul “an intelligent boy, with a quiet character”, sharing that he last spoke to him during the feast of St. Mary.

“Rest in Peace Ayrton Ellul. How harsh it is to leave this earth at 17 years old”, Farrugia Portelli wrote alongside a photo of the young man.

Band Club ‘Socjeta’ Santa Marija u Banda Re Gorg V, Mqabba (Malta)’ also expressed condolences to Ayrton, a former member and trumpet player within the Mqabba community.

Malta Daily would like to express its condolences to Ellul’s family and friends.

RIP Ayrton.


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