Superstar DJs in Malta for World Club Dome this Weekend

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Superstar DJs in Malta for World Club Dome this Weekend

Calling all music lovers and party enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an electrifying weekend as the World Club Dome Island Edition descends upon the vibrant island of Malta, promising an unforgettable experience filled with pulsating beats and top-tier performances.

Among the headliners are none other than the mesmerising Boris Brejcha, the enigmatic Claptone, and the chart-topping KSHMR. The event will also feature an array of world-class international DJs, including Gabry Ponte, Marco Faraone, Pajane, STVW, ASK:ME, and Le Shuuk, who will keep the party vibes alive and electrifying.

The fun begins on Friday at the G7 Fridays Festival edition, where local favourites Le Shuuk and STVW, along with a host of other talented artists, will ignite the celebration at Gianpula Village. They will set the tone for a weekend filled with high-energy performances and infectious tunes.

On August 5th, prepare for an electric experience as Boris Brejcha takes over the World Stage, creating an atmosphere of musical brilliance that will reverberate through the crowd. Simultaneously, KSHMR will command the Main Stage, enchanting the audience with his signature sounds and captivating stage presence. Masked marvel Claptone will take centre stage at Café Del Mar on Sunday, August 6th, for a mesmerising closing set that will leave partygoers in awe.

In addition to the star-studded lineup, the World Club Dome Island Edition will proudly showcase the immense talent of Malta’s local DJs. Cleaven, Danyell, Debrii, Dotx, D-Rey, Gabii, Gilbert MT, Giles, Husko, JJOY, Joseph Stayl, Kieren, Koroma, Mari Mars, Miggy, Nagem, Sar, Wayne, and Zmiley will add their unique flair and energy to the event, contributing to an unforgettable celebration of music and unity.

Secure your tickets and join us at Gianpula Village for a weekend filled with incredible performances, captivating beats, and an atmosphere of pure exhilaration. World Club Dome Island Edition promises to be an experience like no other, bringing together music enthusiasts from all walks of life to celebrate the magic of music and dance under the Mediterranean skies of Malta.

See you there!


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No Less Than 38 Inspections Carried Out On Collapsed Scaffolding Site

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No Less Than 38 Inspections Carried Out On Collapsed Scaffolding Site

Following the resurfacing of a video shared by Newsbook.com.mt, which showed a mother in Birkirkara scolding workers after scaffolding collapsed, endangering them and her family, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) issued a right of reply in regards to the incident. 

Through their right of reply, the BCA reported in a statement that no less than 38 inspections were carried out on the site to maintain full over sight. 

‘The developer was issued with two written warnings to stop work and take preventive measures due to water infiltration to third parties. The Authority’s inspectors took the responsibility by giving instructions where needed and continued to follow the case. Every instruction that was given to the developer was followed.’

The BCA also revealed that they are currently blocking the applicant’s bank guarantee due to damage done to third parties. 

After the incident, which took place on October 29th 2022, the ‘enforcement regulations continued to be strengthened through the amendments to the regulations on the management of construction sites which now came under the responsibility of the BCA.’ 



Thrift Shopping Has Never Been Easier: Zabbar Store Open!

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Thrift Shopping Has Never Been Easier: Zabbar Store Open!


Thrift.mt and The Mad Culture have collaborated to bring you an official thrift shop store in Żabbar, to promote sustainable fashion right here on the island!

Speaking to MaltaDaily, founder of Thrift.mt explained how, following his experience living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he developed the passion for the practice, he was determined to bridge the gap in the local market. 


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“At thrift.mt, we wholeheartedly commit to offering an extensive and meticulously curated range of second-hand clothing options for both men and women”, he explained. 

 “Our online platform not only brings the joy of thrifting to the comfort of your home but also champions sustainable fashion choices and endeavors to reduce environmental impact.”


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“To enrich the thrifting experience further, we’ve expanded our presence beyond the digital realm. You can now visit our physical shop, conveniently located at The Mad Culture in Zabbar. This space is more than just a place to peruse through curated collections; it’s a vibrant and welcoming space where you can immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere.”

Aiming to create a holistic thrifting experience which intertwines fashion, sustainability and a profound sense of belonging, the newly opened store offers everyone a chance to explore one’s unique style whilst nurturing a more sustainable way of life. 


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Here’s What Mona Lisa Would Look Like If Painted Today

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Here's What Mona Lisa Would Look Like If Painted Today

We’ve all seen, at least images of, the famed painting ‘Mona Lisa’, painted by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci and currently sitting in the Louvre Museum. 

As the era of artificial intelligence picks up steam, the iconic painting has received the reimagining treatment as well – showing how the woman, famed for her fixed gaze at the observer, would look like if painted today. 


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A post shared by Gianpaolo Rosa (@gianpaolorosa)

The modern Mona Lisa – or at least, what AI thinks she would look like – was shared onto Twitter and other social media platforms. And it caused quite the stir.

Some highlighted how the new depiction reveals the current biases of artificial intelligence, saying it is pandering to the male gaze. 

Others said that whilst, yes, the image is a rather funny illustration of AI bias, ‘real art challenges or re-contextualises – it is an act of original thought. Most AI tools can only please. They cannot subvert or invent unless so programmed. 

The depiction was created by Gianpaolo Rosa, who also acknowledged the sexualization of the Da Vinci painting as problematic and sad. This, he said, could open up dialogue about how we perceive both art and women. 


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